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Today and do reach out to all those people and everyone everyone you walk by everyone you see, wait. It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to animals or other people, and we all should Laura Laura does Riley listen to the show. He does. Now, he ought he should come down here today. Nine o'clock. I will fifty West Broadway him tell him to come down and be a part of that have to be part of it. But just sit then I'd like to just chat with him afterwards. It's just Hank you asked if he could do that he works relief lifter, and he did have an appointment. Please. Please just go down and someone at least listen to the show on on the radio. And I believe it's going to be podcast Ritchie. Yes. There will be. It is gonna is it gonna be on the radio from hell podcasters separate podcast, the the suicide show, but it's going to be live at nine is it on its own podcast will be on the radio from hell feed. But it will be a separate podcast on the radio from hell. All right. Okay. All right. Thanks. I loved the show. Stay happy. We'll see you Bye-bye. Okay. All right. To the Boehner's coming up standby for that. Awesome traffic.

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