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Building they made it a nightclub now and rosemary garcia is listed as the legal owner the nightclub she's also the records clerk whose jammed up for allegedly selling the records to some chiropractor who would then tracked down tracked down the leads dan who is this chiropractor of activity boombats from rodney dangerfield dr you'll know like doctor thought that the little bust together we are saum last week i told them documents you'll wake up i looked at the mirror wanted to throw up what's wrong with me perfect all right so garcia would pick it oh but it is dr uh at the new england spine and disc sector in providence she talked a doctor eugene kramer he's being investigated now this guy's been in and out of the news for a host a host of different things the doctor kramer's so how a backing the news the me time police chief clemency said that all this is happening nobody likes to see this with the department of very disappointing longtime employee of the city had access to all sorts of records she was pregame over the duct variable bought by dr deadlocked available bought got the wrong dr you don't like doctor thought that that it will bus the gotta we are going to the doctor retail wake up a look at the mirror wanted to throw with your rights is good i said doc i don't like that diagnosis he said you want i want a second opinion eroglu hold on that what are we we hit the we hit the teachers we hit the police department gas can hit the fire department have gore's comes just a couple of days after the fire ferro the firefighter ferro right they can't him he went on a rescue call he's helping an elderly an african american one man she her noses bleeding she can't stop at and he makes a correct that you know you're not eating healthy maybe you want lay off the fried chicken you believe this stuff crazy gene right they gave him the boot now you go back and read his record he's also bathe in and out of trouble on a host of alleged things so that we had all three of them i think we did gene providence needs its own car on the what train tonight good does your right yes give me the file six forty one.

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