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Primaries which you're probably figuring out now having run myself is there's no party delineation In other words a Republican Party primary everybody's a Republican It doesn't say anything this is Joe Ed Herrera butler whatever it may be So you find it out now that the name ID right That's the hardest part isn't it That's why I'm trying to help candidates out around the country because if they don't recognize your name it's best said as a foil In a general election right They don't have to know your name A lot of people just aren't voting for the Democrats because they're commies you know They don't have that luxury in a primary So you find in the name ID that's the tough part isn't it It really is yeah So when we finally get rid of Jamie heard about there it'll be her 12th year in office She's got a good deal of name ID And really like you said I mean the Republican voters out here We're really held hostage I think by rhinos because they have that R by their name And the Democrats out here in the northwest are so insane from Portland or Seattle that people just say okay whoever whoever would have Republican name I know I'm going to vote for that because the alternative is clearly insanity So that's what we're trying to penetrate through right now is just let everyone know that Jimmy Rivera butler voted for the impeachment of president Trump and all her other horrible votes like the southern border And that there is an America first alternative and that's joke and we're talking to Joe Kent KE and T folks It's our job now you know Joe had the guts to put his name on a ballot It's our job now to get his name out there Name IDs as hard as problem We just submitted we both ran I know how it is It's our job to help You gotta spread the word And the way to spread the word is to take this audio from this interview whatever it may be go to his website and then send it to ten people I don't care if you do it on Twitter parler get her a gab Facebook I don't care how you do it You do that you'll get his name out there and tell people this is your guy We gotta start getting good solid red blooded Republicans in there care about American values Joe you were a green beret I see That is extremely impressive I mean the work ethic to get through that school is I have a very close friend I mean seriously it's the hardest thing you've ever done in your life I can't imagine anything more difficult than that Yeah as far as training went it was pretty difficult There's definitely the physical the physical element there but then you're constantly having to make these decisions on the fly There's a lot of unconventional warfare And then at the end they make you learn a language So it was quite the experience but it was looking back on it I have fond memories at the time It was very difficult Well you're very humble about it Joe Yeah So I'm sorry laughing by producers in my ears At the beginning of the show Joe we were playing this ridiculous video at a North Korea the North Korean marines you know communist bashing themselves over the head with wood to show us how tough they are Joe listen I'll take our green berets any day of the week and twice on Sunday against people who smash themselves in the head with wood That just strikes me as stupid not necessarily tactically efficient but that's for another day I want to get this one final question before I let you go again we're talking to Joe Ken running for Congress out of Washington and spread the word folks Joe Kent for Congress The spending crisis is out of control Joe You're seeing it now We're printing a lot of money and the scam is this The treasury needs money to spend we don't have They don't have enough tax dollars So they go to the Federal Reserve right The treasury then brings basically the Federal Reserve prints a bunch of money to buy their notes from the treasury It's just one big scam It's a way to move debt from one pocket to another with a fake IOU You know we're in a crisis here If you get to Congress you know would you support a balanced budget amendment and things like that so we can get a control over our finances So we don't hand our kids a bankrupt country It really disturbs me Yes that has to be our number one priority to balance budget going through and cutting a lot of the government ways We take way more we take more than enough taxes from the American people as it is right now And then like you said the inflation is out of control When we have this massive amount of inflation but we really gutted our ability to produce things in this country We're a 100% relying on controlling our status as a primary reserve currency holder in China If they want to they could start challenging that by stopping from buying off our debt bonds I think that that is the number one it's a national security issue but then it's also a moral issue because the way that we've stripped manufacturing from this country it's really taken away the ability for people to leave school not going to a bunch of student debt and then to get a job is going to help them maintain a family That's how this globalist mentality that we've had for the last 30 years from Republicans and some Democrats It is absolutely gutted by our nation And that's something we have to get on a wartime footing to fix Yes balance the budget bring back the manufacturing and protectionist trade policies bring back the America first agenda that president Trump was actually starting to see some successes from We actually saw working class wages rise between 2017 and 2019 We need to bring that back on steroids Yeah we saw a lot of companies relocate a lot of their business operations back here and then reinvest a lot of money back in the United States Joe unfortunately I'm out of time you're an impressive guy with an amazing resume Well have you back if you'd be willing to do it and good luck in that race out in Washington's third right Washington's third congressional district That's right Washington folks Washington three Joe Kent for Congress dot com thanks Joe We'll talk to you soon Thank you Dan appreciate it You got it Folks I was Joe Kent we're gonna be doing this often trying to bring you candidates out there who we think represent the cause The primaries are where it's at We don't get rid of the rhinos first We really win Rhino we're a Democrat You're screwed either way The primaries are where it's at Stem on Geno you listen to damn bongino show We'll be right back.

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