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Thousand square feet, Mark guess. Oh, oh, we didn't know he had an expert. Oh, this is different. He's got an expert there who's his experts. Now, let's point out. This is the guy who can't fill the damn potholes. He can't even fill potholes, and he's an expert on glass skyscrapers. What what is this argument that they're not energy efficient or they emit greenhouse gases? Some I I guess because the the amount of energy it takes cool and heat them. Yeah. I guess if you had a stone building it keeps like what is this building? We're gonna stone Bill. This is this is brick share. This is brick. This is like the iheart tower in Tribeca. And so if you look at the buildings predominantly brick or you're right. It is brick looking at the window. But this building was built like one hundred years, but I'm looking at the how come we can never get the air conditioning. Right. We can get anything right in this building what we're trying to save energy energy efficient. So the idea is if it's all glass ceiling to floor. I guess it leaks out the energy and you have to use more. But speaking of Steve Ross Hudson yards. One of our great builders. He points out that many of his glass skyscrapers are certified green building and have passed every test for being energy efficient green. And ever see that Hudson yards or Time Warner center that Steve Ross Bill, right? I would put him up against the blood ios tax break who can't they can't even fill potholes. Look at this you ever watch the city trying to build a bridge. See them try to build a they pay the street. You're going to take his word on things. It can't even first of all I think we should pass legislation. Same thing with Cuomo and his banning the plastic bags and the idiot wants to ban for. I mean that these should wear for, but it's not your business. If you're politician, we should pass a law that until every pothole is correctly filled. These guys are not allowed to talk about anything else. Get the puddles. I get the streets safe good infrastructure, potholes filled until you've got that done not allowed to talk about anything else. Wouldn't that be a sensible that never happened? Now, let me point out. I don't think the mayor's nuts here. I think it's a two strategies going on here one. He looks good for all the progressives trying to appeal to number two. And this is the probably the real reason for all this. He shaking down the developers. Steve Ross Steve Roth all these guys that build these big glass skyscrapers, Harry Macklowe, all these guys. That's where all the real money is when it comes to donations big donors real estate zillionaires. I think this is a shakedown attemp. So you need an exemption. Right. You're building doesn't meet it. Well, these talking about what a year from now, maybe doing twenty thirty. So the deadline twenty thirty plenty of time to get your donations in there and block. This make sure it doesn't happen. I think that's what this really is. He's just trying to shake down the really big real estate donors. Now these guys who normally given tons of money because they want to build Hudson yards. They want to build things everywhere. They wanna put cranes where you probably shouldn't. That's where all the big donations come in. But maybe they weren't jumping into fast on his presidential campaign could be. Yes. All right. This is to get the money flowing into that presidential campaign. So the other big companies here are the big financial firms. So he may announce next thinking of banning stock trading here in New York. So I think this is all just a shakedown attempt. Anyway. Let's get to Michael Goodwin will be with us in a few moments. Hey, watch this go check out the web pages. Some great stuff up here. Here's the best AOC parody of all time. Best akashi? Oh cortez. Parody of all time. Also was Passover Friday. His historical Sebastian Maniscalco on what's wrong with Passover. It's very funny. Also, take a trip to remember Yankee Stadium 1931 Kate mid-nineteenth. Here's unbelievable. High quality film of a visit to Yankee Stadium in nineteen thirty one. See what it looks eight notice..

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