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Mike mocks attorney general Jeff Sessions is being threatened with contempt by judge who was told the administration to stop the deportation of immigrants while they are in the process. Of fighting remain district judge Emmet Sullivan writ the administration for its policy to of the plaintiffs in the case were on a plane for deportation at the. Time with the ruling the government said it is racing to comply. With the court's order an appeals court is ordering the EPA depaul pesticide widely used. On fruits. And vegetables. Here's correspondent Jim Rupe the night circuit court of appeals has ordered the EPA to place the pesticide Clark pyro FOSS back. On the banned list the chemicals widely, used on, California farmlands in fact more than a million, acres worth and farmers. And some scientists maintained it is. Safe and acceptable levels, but the court says scientific evidence that the chemical can harm the nervous system of children, and caused developmental harm including reduced IQ, and ADHD is stronger and the pesticide must be banned at important product recall is recalling potentially Harmful batch of its twelve hour sinus relief nasal messed as it's been found to have a. Microbiological contamination the food and Drug administration. Says the, product could cause life threatening infections in people, with weakened immune system. Responded Kerry shoemaker the father of. One of the men, arrested following the discovery of eleven starving children at a New Mexico compound is speaking about, his son imam dodge wa says his, son is hard to really have never seen anything like that in him But just you know he'd just a little bit sometimes a little bit High-strung prosecutors say that one of the children at the compound. Was being trained for a school shooting four men arrested at the compound. Have all been charged with, various counts of child abuse on. Wall Street the Dow.

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