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The passing of mean, Jean Oakland was a terrific professional wrestling announcer. You known him the ball guy with the mustache that was they're interviewing the likes of hulk HOGAN and big John's stud and Bobby the brain Heenan. I saw him I living in Chicago at the w eight that was burned Ganges TV, of course, that was based out of Minneapolis. But we saw it on channel twenty six every Sunday in Oakland was they're doing all the interviews. He was terrific. He went from the Awa to the WWF. And that really was the big time going from Minneapolis to go into the New York office in working for Vince McMahon. And of course, probably more people saw him across the globe. And new who means gene Oakland was meaning jeans. Came from Jesse the body Ventura said mean Jean and call me, gene, of course, Cogan picked up on that as well. And so he went from the WWF, and of course, many great moments. We'll Bobby the brain Heenan on syndicate shows that they would do. And of course, eight classic backstage interviewer from their WCW world champion rustling working there and kind of winding down his career as a broadcaster during that time. So let's go back into here's some of the great memories of mean, Jean Oakland as long time Russi announcer. He was a student.

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