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Kelly in traffic T A Graham at the WW J business, Jeff Bellinger, and our reporter this morning. John Hewitt your AccuWeather. Meteorologists on-duty Carl babinski w w j news time twelve forty one some California students may soon start school later. Lawmakers have approved legislation that calls for students not to start before eight thirty. Dr Carol ash talked about it on CBS this morning all the research points to that delayed school start time can have a big impact on middle school children and adolescents when they don't get the sleep. They need it can cause poor academic performance. Drowsy, driving, depression, loneliness, social, isolation, addictive, behaviors and weight gain, obesity and hypertension. So it has a significant health and mental impact on the question would be well, then just having. Go to bed early. Adolescence the middle school and high school children their brains are different so melatonin gets released later in the in children. And also the pressure to fall asleep is less. So it's harder for them to fall asleep at night. So they can't go to bed earlier just physiologically different. So it's about the rhythms of their their circadian rhythms. That more than about specific times or numbers of hours of sleep. Well, the circadian rhythms are very critical, and that's right, John. They have a different circadian rhythm than we do. But the amount is important too. So if you're going to bed later because your physiology forces that then you're getting up earlier, you're not getting the sleep. But some advice, you have two parents who are say, I know this is true. I can see it in my kids. But how can I help them get more sleep? Well, what you can do is stick to a regular schedule to want to make sure they're getting the same time on the weekends. And weekdays because Al set the circadian rhythm, believe it or not. And if they're having problems with with don's eyes are popping out of this. Because he's like getting teenagers to not sleep in. I mean, we make up for dinner if we're lucky he's the weekends. It's hard. But it's the one thing we can change. So if you can control that schedule is really important, and you know, as we go to bed at night take away the electron IX, make sure try and get them to bed earlier. Don't let them sit up on the phone texting their friends. That's a that's a problem humidity teenager, doctor Allen. Okay. Some people say this is an economic issue. If you heard that what does that mean? Yes. Well, they they'll say even on the California a scoreboard argued that it's a luxury that working families and families with hardships cannot afford, and I would say absolutely reverse. They argued it's ten million dollars a.

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