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Busy near Newton corner, one Twenty-eight southeast slow in Burlington with a crash clearing on the right near. The Middlesex turnpike. Rob Hekla WBZ's traffic on the threes. And now let's get the weather with the four day WBZ AccuWeather forecast. Here's meteorologist, Brian Thompson this afternoon. We'll see a mix of clouds and hazy sunshine that Hayes being caused by wildfire smoke that has come in from western Canada. That's what's causing the Scott not look all that blue today. We're going to have those clouds mixing in at times. Highs ranging from the mid sixty s on the Cape to near seventy of Boston up to the upper seventies though well inland. Some spots may even get close to eighty partly cloudy tonight, low fifty six partly sunny, tomorrow, high sixty eight downtown along the coast, but getting into the mid to upper seventies again inland. Now there will be a couple of showers a heavy gusty thunderstorm tomorrow evening. And then a fair amount of sunshine and cool on Monday and Tuesday, highs in the mid to upper sixty s I'm AccuWeather meteorologist, Brian Thompson, WBZ, Boston's NewsRadio and hazy skies. It is here in Boston with temps at sixty two degrees. It's eighty four degrees in Gloucester, also, sixty four degrees in PVC and sixty nine. Degrees in Methuen is twenty five and. Time for your next job right after this message are your kids feeling overwhelmed, the experts at floating hospital for children are here to help in a special online, section get tips on how to talk to children about stress managing stress now at WBZ ten thirty dot com slash health. And now here's your next job. One of the easiest ways to make a great impression in a job interview is to ask good questions. Whether you're seeking your first job out of college, or you interviewing for the next job that you've been targeting for years. Here's three simple questions to keep in mind. One s the employer to describe a typical day or week in the position, the answer might reveal whether the job is truly a good.

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