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Voting. The Supremes were hard at work. Russell 105 50 K of Why I Thank you so much for being here. The Supreme Court handed down a ruling. They weren't they were voting while the Senate was voting on their newest colleague, Amy Cockney, Barret last night what was before them? Was a decision by a Wisconsin lower court issued me a lower court in Wisconsin. The extended the voting The absentee voting. Counting. Six days past. Election day. Of course, Cove in 19 election equality this that and the other it was. It was just a liberal Dream Activist group to make sure that they could once again like we've said several times stacked the deck as much as they could. More Biden. Even after the election of buying didn't win, They're going to find a way to get him to win up to six days after the election. The Supreme Court of the United States. Is as eight members at this moment when they were when they were voting. Eight members 53 decision So when a 53 decision they have rejected the Wisconsin court's ruling stating in I guess I'll sum it all up. Because all of the votes all of the five justices wrote their own opinions. So if you some eyes those opinions, it comes up with this. A judge can't trump No pun intended. State legislatures with you. Yeah. State legislators make the laws When it comes to voting. They make the rules They set the rules. A judge cannot overturn a steady state legislative looking. This is something we've been saying here on Russell Hunter for the last few weeks because we've seen judges not only in Wisconsin Jersey case Mike's talking about the Pennsylvania other states as well making decisions happen right here in Arizona. One judge says Nope. Voter registration deadline. Not good enough because of covert. I'm going to decide. No, that's not your job. This is what we talked about what activist judges. But this is exactly what the Democrats wanted, Ultimately what they complained about yesterday. Ironically, as these decisions were being written, these opinions were being written is that Amy Cody Barrett is going to row in the court. This is what they're worried about judges who get in their way because the Democrats ultimately came up with to excuses to reasons why they don't like Amy Cockney Barrel. They said the process was illegitimate. I was the first one. Which means and this is really what I mean with the two things that argument is either you don't know the actual constitution. Or you don't care about it, because if you say it's a legitimate that's just a play on words. Try to get people to vote for you. Which means all you want to do is elect people and put people in judge it. Ships who will just Basically whitewashed the Constitution or you just want to pick and choose the parts of the Constitution and what you are a fan ofthe exactly right. A justice Elena Kagan, by the way, once again, I'm a huge fan of all the justices. I don't care, their ideologies. Their Supreme Court justice. I think that's pretty cool. Justice Elena Kagan wrote tens of thousands of Wisconsinites Do no fault of their own may receive their mail ballots too late to return them on Election Day, then justice Kegan your battle isn't with you. The calendar. Your battle is with the Wisconsin election system that say the those that run the election in Wisconsin. That's not what's up for debate here. It is a simple is simple decision between a state legislative writes the rules created by a lady legislator in someone trying to legislate from the bench. That's the decision, the court decided to stand with the state legislators. Which is the right decision in every way you could look at it. That's the way the law works again. These judges in a lot of places think they have all this power and think they could just change things because because I've called it because they want to because they're liberal because they're appointed by whoever, But whatever the case may be. That's not how the system works. The system is designed by lawmakers, you know again, the 10th amendment, whatever is not done by the federal government goes back to the states. States can control their own election process, save for the actual date of federal elections. So we all know the election days a week from today, November 3rd. So these states like here in Arizona, our lawmakers could have gone back into session. Which they should have done anyways for covert related reasons, But they didn't because they like money from the federal government. But they didn't so they couldn't change the rules. Now we're one of the few places in this country that have a part time legislation lot of states of full time legislators like Texas on Lee doesn't every two years the best two former governor ever. We only meet once for every two years. Good, awesome, see late have other jobs loved. Exactly so the lawmakers in Wisconsin should have made the changes and had, they said. We're going to allow male in balance to be accepted by eight PM Be postmarked by eight PM on election night, so be it, but they did not a judge singlehandedly did and now they need to be received by eight PM on. Oh, I don't know what's that day Election Day? What a novel concept maybe what bothers me It's people that ram up their Christmas shopping until Christmas Eve. And like it snuck up on it, but it's like he came out of nowhere. I have to be living on very rocks, who not know that we're in the middle of a presidential election. And that day is it was November is a December. No. You've known this every single presidential election. Stop this stop with the thinking everyone is stupid Democrats. Stop with this nonsense because we're smarter than stop telling all of the minority communities that its voter suppression if you have to show on ID, because apparently, if you're a minority, you're not smart enough or have enough money or have the drive to go get an I D. Stop it with this. Knock it off. Stop playing the victim play by the rules and just put a candidate they're worth voting for. You have a record of putting candidates up there that no one wants to vote for. So you have to rig the system. It's getting taxing to me well, but It's and I don't even like to be. This money would like to say it out loud, But the pattern that I'm seeing makes me put it all together. That's all by design. It's essentially trying to cheat away America and you think about the levels at which this has been accomplished. We talked about a little bit yesterday, There was a there was a change in generation. So Mike and I are both in our forties. Probably somewhere for people in their thirties. Maybe it's 32. Maybe it's 35. There was a switch, and that switch was let's make America's founding Racists. Therefore, we can discount all of the parts about America. The Constitution Abe Lincoln, George Washington that we don't like. Slave owners. Let's just cancel them out. So somewhere there was a switch where we grew up loving America, realizing and thinking about it talking about the American dream. It's the opposite now. The Democrats are seizing on that. And they're doubling down on it, and I've noticed what they've done is well as part of their strategy the last five years. They thought At first, Trump was going to lose to Hillary Greatest candidate ever..

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