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Maybe it's not you know it's the exception to the rule. Do you have any like in the digital products based businesses info based businesses. Or we all talking about like non. Dm kind of kind of folks as far as your average customer goes Well we have customers span the spectrum. I've got some some clients that build micro sites for specific offerings. And then honestly we do have some clients that have single page funnels that you know they. They convert pretty well and generally those are info products for us that we're running on google display the issue with that. Is you have to spend just an inordinate amount of money like if you're not spending twenty thirty thousand dollars a month than google. Google doesn't function the way facebook. Facebook can conversion optimized much faster. Google needs way. More data for outbound interrupt. Her and i think that's changing with google's new performance. Max which would be a whole new episode. I'm answering your question. Most of our clients have traditional websites. So most of our clients have sites with five plus pages and then our economy clients of course every product is his own page basically in the way they choose to structure that is going to change the way that it's laid out. Yeah i was at for an answer. That's good. I don't know every single one of your customers. I was just curious if one of them are two of the might actually exert crossed the line. We have actually talked about some of those in the past which is really interesting. It begets the question. Now that you bring up ecommerce should ecommerce have a funnel and if so is it necessarily the click funnels type of funnel and what would you consider like a customer of yours. It's in the ecommerce space. Forget about funnels. Take that aside. They don't need funnel. So that's why i'm anti funnel and they've just been able to succeed on their own. What are the core characteristics of those that don't need the final and then i'll kind of go into some of the examples of the ones that i know do need a funnel without it. They really wouldn't be able to operate on interruption marketing based platforms e comes interesting because our economy class aren't intent based we use something called smart shopping which talked about before. There's another episode. you can hunt down. If you have any interests we'll.

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