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1 18 way of traffic and weather on the eighth Street, a castle or watching things for us in the W. T O be traffic center and there's not a whole lot going on right now dead. But we did have the delay on the outer loop in Prince George's County headed toward route 50. That's ease of the medical emergency should have cleared. We're seeing a volume delay on the North bound Baltimore Washington Parkway out of Greenbelt headed toward powder Mill Road. Nothing reported in the roadway in Frederick North found 15 year Mount Ville Road was the report of Iraq. And to 14 Central Avenue, near to 02 was a report of some utility work. So watch out for the activity there that we're still seeing the delays along 4 10 in both directions between Kendall Worth Avenue in the BW Parkway, either singling getting by each way with the work or they could possibly be alternating there with the work soon, so something to keep in manually. You give yourself some extra time to get through that church in the district, North Bound D. C. To 95 taps the brakes passing Pennsylvania Avenue. The westbound freeway slows a bit from South kept getting Past the Third Street Tunnel, and we did have the earlier reckon Southeast Pennsylvania Avenue near Minnesota Avenue Watch for any response in Virginia on 66 eastbound. The delays have ease between 28 in the Fairfax County Parkway. The crash cleared but we do still have the slowdown before 1 23 headed toward Nutley Street within the long term Work zone, outer Loop ramp to westbound 66. There was single right lane getting by that long term work and 95 South down slows out of Lorton and across the Occoquan. The North bound delay is between Dale City in Woodbridge. This weekend. Safeway clipped the digital coupon for dunking K cups for just 4 99 download the safe way up to clip digital coupons, received personalized deals and earn rewards points while you shop I'm Rita Kessler, w T. OBY traffic and over. We go now to storm team for meteorologist Lauren Rickets, some Sprinkles throughout the day. We're going to see some of this body and nature temperatures mid upper thirties today. Now, after 5.

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