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Observation from radio talk show host rush limbaugh on his programme earlier today no matter what the evidence is these guys these people on the republican side her making it clear they're going to prevent this guy from ever being seeded in the united states senate did you know that before 1990 who when a lot going on the judge moore was a democrat you didn't know that how about how about all these people now's whole year year everybody the nuba your more none of the law while he was a democrat nobody saddle word when he supposedly was attracted ju inappropriately age girls he was the democrat rally bump earlier today meanwhile the democrat in the race in alabama doug jones says he's not going to make sexual misconduct allegations against roy more a focus of his campaign nevertheless his campaign did release this new spot i'm a lifelong republican but i just can't do it a can't nor he's already been made from august try this time it's even worse you read the story shakes to sophal i just don't trust him he's stated by don't decency and integrity matter anymore i'm republican roy more no way mom for doug jones and another republican for doug jones i'm doug jones and i approve this message the special election is slated ford the twelve james hohmann of the washington post will be joining the shortly with his perspective on what's next four the republicans jeff sessions who we heard from earlier held the alabama senate seat before becoming the attorney general at today's congressional hearing aids from congress sheila jacksonlee about roy more and the alabama senate race i took the liberty of reviewing federal crimes against children particularly those dealing with sexual of physical abuse as you well know li kaufman wendy miller debbie watson gibson gloria thakkar decent in beverly nelson these.

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