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A m ten forty on your radio everywhere you are on the free iheartradio app sounding the alarm on wasteful government spending simon conway on news radio ten forty who and our numbers ta 410 forty two eight 410 forty on news radio ten forty who it's ladonna harvey in four simon conway he is currently waiting about the swamp he's actually in dc about two weeks after i was in dc he'll be doing a show live from a fair us dart or dot org that is both wednesday and thursday tomorrow and thursday and then he'll be off friday and i will be back to talk to you on friday afternoon some very excited about that now one of the things that he's also doing in dc is basically of lhasa wing lawmakers and getting them to talk to him about what's going on i he had an opportunity to talk to rand paul senator rand paul who's the let's face it we would kind of guests from the situation that happened on stage during the debates that be he and trump probably don't like each other but he and the president apparently get along quite well well and he had a chance to talk to rand paul so we're going to play that for you now right here on news radio ten forty who i'm in washington dc and senator rand pools office with the senator this is a big day the president is cooling gop senators up to the white house to try and rescue the health care bill senator oh what is going on we just got back from the white house i spent about an hour with the president and my advice and discussion was how can make it better i don't think bill really repeals obamacare and that's what we promised people we promised voters across america we're in repeal it i think the bill this point keeps most of the subsidies keeps most of the regulations and then creates a brand.

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