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A whole new band. We got. Can you talk to Alex? I tried to talk to him. He totally can have a a like he could be a cult hero. If he just shaved the rest of that hair off. And I don't know why you keep that amount of hair, a young guy still still why do you why do you hang onto that amount? That amount. You kinda lost the battle. Yeah. Any would the he went to cool the shaved head just go like full Steve Blake, you know? And we're headband. I mean, that'd be perfect. That'd be like. All right. I'll try and work train work in Momo. You're in the locker room. Why don't you tell them? I talked to last night. I was like. Wow. Yet. A that was a nice, right? You had I was actually kinda you know, out of electoral rush because he's been up with the big club at not playing for the last three weeks. He hasn't played in a while. I was like his first action for like kinda cool thing do you causing for Caruso. He was on the court. When LeBron pass Jordan. Yeah. Nice talking about he said he was unaware that that that was happening until afterwards. And he saw the camera phones come out. He goes. Oh, oh, yeah. I forgot about that. You're right MoMA when you're at that point shave the head. He looked great. Yeah. Yeah. Big last night, by the way, I'm telling you. I think no no Ramona. Tell me if I'm crazy here. Are you talking about the lumber on aspect of it? Yeah. Lebron aspect of it. Well, my what I think is now that you've gotten past this milestone moment, which I thought was kind of cool. I know I know Bill placard accommodate it said it was it was terrible. It was a dud I kind of disagree. I thought that moment was cool, but Mason is all in on the tank to I hate tanking and we'll never go down that road. But I think we landed in zone that both of us can live with played LeBron play him twenty eight to thirty minutes again and go ahead and play those guys like Williams and Caruso, and Wagner. They took a twenty three point deficit and cut it down to two I think that and if the Lakers win great if they lose it actually improves their lottery odds, but it kind of serves both the Mason plan in the Ireland plan. My plan is wanna see the Brian from now through the end of the year Mason's is he wants to, you know, get as many ping pong balls as poss- doesn't that kind of serve both masters. Yeah. I think it. Brian Roy hordes broke it down the other day on the jump and I have to I have to get the exact math. But they're they're closer to be in the top seven picks than they are to being in the playoffs at this point. And if he can get just a little bit worse, then they'll get like a twenty or thirty percent chance of getting into how four pay. It's really not in shockingly. I think we've reached the point because of injuries and other stuff that those guys give us as good of a chance to win as anybody. Anyway, I do too. Luke said before the game yesterday that granting having trouble raising his arm doctrine. I saw him you. It's it's noticeable in kouzmines limp, really bad. And so is Lonzo. So let those guys he'll up one hundred percent. VM? He saw him. He missed the law and then from the side can't jump. He you know, he needs to shut it down. Like if I mean, he he will hold her on his work in his ass off. I'll tell you that much. Yeah. And he's got a sore knee. I mean, it's like you look at there's a lot of reasons why they just, you know, play the delete Banga time long time. That's our strategy. Bomo? I think you're in your next week phone and for John. Yeah. A cool. So you Tuesday. Thanks CMO mostly headed annual. Yup. I'll see you next to your mythical money mythical money coming up next Mason in Ireland ESPN.

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