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Games last season for the columbus blue jackets. Nhl team says he suffered a hand injury in a fall last night. Lebron just twenty four years old navy anthony. This is fox news for over twelve years. How enterprises ceo. Peter weather's has taken a hands on approach. In all aspects of the tech firms growth and day to day business employees say the executives. True talent lies in his unique ability to recognize great ideas and then absolutely ruined for. As long as i've worked here. Peter has been able to sit down and meeting. Listen to a million different ideas. Pick out the one. That makes the most sense creatively and financially and then totally destroyed until basically nothing worthwhile about it left. He's remarkable employees throughout the company. Say they're most impressed by. Weather's ability to water down promising ideas with meaningless jargon consistently choose the wrong person to head up every project and inject virtually every halfway decent thought with his own shortsighted and terrible insights. Are all hands meeting the other week. Our team put forth a very feasible plan to boost. Productivity knows really incredible to see peter's mind at work just taking every good aspect of our proposal and dismantling it like a small child was the onion news network this liberty radio network broadcasting the latest liberty oriented audio content twenty four hours a day at l. n. dot fm. The latest edition of the tom would show is next. The liberty radio network at l. dot. Fm get more at tom. Woods radio dot com the time would show episode one thousand nine hundred thirty prepared a set fire to the index card of allowable opinion. Your daily dose of liberty education starts here. The tom would show. Hey folks don't even think about missing the libertarian event of the year. The two thousand episode of the. Tom would show live in orlando featuring many of your favorites from the time would show and michael mala says his special surprise guest whose identity i myself. Don't even know we'll bring the house down. Cost nothing to attend register at tom woods. Two thousand dot com everybody. Tom woods here. I'm delighted to be joined by documentary. Filmmaker steve oldfield. Today is latest. Project is the documentary rush to judgment which was screened at pork fest and we'll be also featured at the anthem festival at freedom fest in south dakota this month and it's about what happened to those covington catholic high school students. When a short misleading video clip went viral and the whole world condemn these boys for apparently being insensitive and displaying their white privilege. And this and that when in fact the reality couldn't have been farther from that and this document goes very deeply into this and examines a lot of aspects of it that even i myself who spent a lot of time on it hadn't thought of so it's very important checkout rush to judgment documentary dot com steve. Welcome to the show. Thanks really a pleasure to be here on a big fan of. Listen all your podcast. Thank you so much. It was great to meet you at pork fest and to get to see your film myself so i can speak from a position of. I can be informed when we talk about. Let's first start with your background. How did you come to be involved in this documentary project. Well i was one of those kids who grew up watching the evening news with walter cronkite. From time. i was four years old and wanted to be a journalist for years and years months northwestern's middle school of journalism where i founded northwestern student television back in nineteen eighty-five. It still goes on today as a different name northwestern news now i think they call it. I was a tv news guy for twenty five years i worked. I was one of those news. Nomads tom. If you're familiar with that term every two or three years you jump to a different market and hopes of a better gig. And i was denver. Richmond detroit salt lake orlando miami new york. La and never really felt fulfilled to be honest with the longer we got into it. The more the business changed. If you remember walter. Cronkite was considered the most trusted man in america back in the seventies and eighties. And i've seen the business completely go to hell. Since then so i decided i would move back home and start teaching. I teach at thomas more university. I'm communication documentary filmmaking and then started doing and long-range projects where i could really control the content instead of doing a two minute story for the news. That's kind of how that all app. When did this whole incident occurred was at twenty twenty or nineteen twenty nineteen. Yeah okay. I should say that. The school at the heart of this whole story when same amount is called covington catholic which is in kentucky right by cincinnati ohio and i coincidentally went to the competing school having ten latin so i grew up my whole life. Really hating covington catholic. Because i didn't get to go to state and tennis. Because i was beaten by kid from cub cath and and never really liked the school at all. And then as an adult. I was doing a leadership group for high school students. And lo and behold cub kabc kids showed up and they didn't have horns and they weren't horrible people and i even liked their teacher and i did a video for them and twenty eighteen and had all this exclusive video that i owned inside the school and then january twenty nineteen. I get my facebook. And i check it in the morning when i wake up every day. I'm an old guy. Don't check twitter. I check facebook and friends of mine. Northwestern from all over the country in journalism or slamming. This kid who happened to be from covid comcast and i started defending him and saying surely there's more to this story. Don't just believe this picture. I know these kids. They're not monsters. And i started defending cup caf and i'm still in that position now a year and a half later i remember when the whole thing happened. There was a video that you could watch on youtube that had been taken just an amateur video taken by somebody and it was almost two hours long and it allowed you to see the entire context of what happened and i was so sure that the spin being put on this was wrong that i sat down to watch that entire video. I wrote about it and commented on it did podcast episodes on it. It was shocking. What you see in the video if you take the time to wash it now if we hadn't had if for all the things we rightly complain about about the internet today we hadn't had the internet if we'd had to rely on walter cronkite. This kid would never have had his day in court. There would have been that thirty second clip way out of context and his life would have been ruined. You're right. I would have expected you to of 'cause you're that kind of guy but it's so sad it's so many journalists who are and some of the premier organizations in the country didn't bother that little clip was enough for them and i think part of the problem with all this. Tom is that particularly inside the beltway as we call it inside the washington d. c. corridor. All of these guys are friends with each other on twitter and facebook and if one of them puts it out there like the washington post or cnn. They all considered the gold standard and then share it to and people have to remember if you're sharing someone else's post it's pretty much like you're putting your own stamp of approval on it and that's what happened in this case once. The washington post started doing stories and all the other people that they just assumed everything about. It was accurate and they were all terribly wrong..

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