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It if you can coming up four twenty this afternoon on kmox i spent some time with my kelly in the last hour the voice of the tigers big news for the university of misery basketball team it just keeps comment not a hits but actually the the recruits and chris ruby has details on that the cardinals back on the winning track after just losing one the other day the cubs there in first place and the rest of sports coming up next on camel cbs start the week off big big laughs on man with a plan to give me star so it's the plan chief first colmey chief discovers it ain't easy being remember those taken movies that's what happens when you give you daughter freedom one two three times they could take care look i can't help it if people are drawn to me i need this this job man with a cbs monday or stream it live or on demand cbs thursday the outdoors are so remember exam he's still exist only kale stars in the new comedy great indoors who can say the only thing tougher than dealing with millennials me that because you're all that life i already regret this is working with they shackled to death with a bunch of kids who think north faces a celebrity page the great indoors yes thursday or stream it live or on demand cbs evening news with scott pelley i this is the to have several thousand prices in most review down on is it true that there may be twenty people alive buried in the back cinch of that or the real news every evening will begin tonight with breaking news the cbs evening news with scott pelley weeknights well hello cursory be at the new will be m w toyota sports desk what a weekend of baseball little missoula news is well there is a lot going on a lot of good stuff going on dan some very good stuff we need that around here good baseball well i'll tell you what good things in general beating the cubs two out of three winning series outside of what they did on the road trip you've got to win series yeah and it was a great weekend.

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