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Bethpage Black, the first time it has been held in may since nineteen forty nine the public course known as the people's country club. Previously hosted two US Open's now your exclusive WCBS Weather Channel forecast. Enjoy the mild weather today. It starts to warm up this weekend and into early next week today. We're partly cloudy, seventy six tomorrow, few thundershowers eighty two high one or two hundred showers Saturday Eighty-one, but Sunday dried up or. Eighties Terry Smith from the Weather Channel for talkradio six eighty WCBS brought to you by mattress warehouse. Baltimore save up to one thousand dollars this week at mattress warehouse and rest assured because buying actress at mattress warehouse means you have a one year price guarantee. Why shop anywhere else? Visit sleep happens dot com for a location near you right now at t Bank stadium in downtown Baltimore at sixty seven degrees and it's sixty five at navy Marine Corps stadium in Annapolis. Reporting a ten thirty three I'm Michael Philip Elliott six eighty WCBS news. From the FOX business network. Stocks opened higher following better than expected earnings from WalMart and encouraging news on the housing market groundbreaking for new homes, rose. Five point seven percent in April. In addition to WalMart's upbeat earnings. It's online sales increased thirty seven percent in the recent quarter. Overall sales were up three point four percent and WalMart. Shares open more than three percent higher tech company. Cisco systems is predicting a strong current quarter. It's been working with suppliers to avoid the negative impact of the trade dispute between China and the US Cisco shares opened up more than four percent. Fred stores are closing one hundred four locations in the southeast liquidation sales will begin today in the stores will be shut down by the end of June. It will still have hundreds of locations after these stores are shut down with the FOX business report. Ungeni co. Sola..

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