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Syndrich will now go to the too and that keeps Many these job in the twenty one. Yeah let's see he's all in favor of this. Yeah i think everyone everyone kind of is happy and then ryan newman gets to go do whatever he wants to do. You can go to s rx. Yeah yeah no. I don't see a downside here Well i mean the only potential downside is that break laskey you know goes from a team. He won a championship with and has raised the vast majority of his career with to one that is a bit more uncertain and says performance is probably going to go down next year. But i don't even know how much i mean with this new car and everything and that's just if it's a new car then we're everyone's back to zero and you gotta figure too when you look at the. The big winners here has to be ford. He stays in a ford car. Yeah he doesn't go off somewhere else. Goes doesn't go back to chevy where he started with Something where now he is in that blue oval camp for the long term. I think manufacturer you like to keep that and then that that kind of you gotta figure if they shift a lot of their resources or rows. Which i don't think they've had in a while or at least Ahead as a attention for them because it's always been stewart haas than penske and then rouse and then to an extent you gotta figure rousers right there with front row motorsports in terms of how they get their attention from the manufacturer. But i think overall this is good for everybody involved It it gives kazlauskas kind of a foot in the door in terms of what it looks like to have ownership run your own team if he wants to revitalize his kids laskey racing decade or so down the line so i mean it. It's i think it's good for everyone. Especially if ryan newman's unsure if he wants to come back. Yeah and i agree. That four wins out here because not only they keep lasky but if brad coming into rally does something similar to what tony stewart did coming into Then it gets ford more competitive to more competitive cars on the grid and And that's something that row hasn't been really longtime is seriously competitive for race wins and for championships and And i mean we talked about it. When the initial rumors came out jack rushing getting a younger and he's a little worse for wear man. I mean he's devastated. Put away with a few times Sometimes literally and So to bring in a younger person to be involved in the management of the team and somebody who ran his own team in the truck series and they were successful You know this could be huge for ralph really big for ford and yeah for kazlauskas. You know maybe. He takes a minor step back and performance. Maybe doesn't next year but one way or the other. I think he'll come out on the better end of this In terms of his personal performance and what it leads to in terms of ownership and running rash Racing down the line and penske isn't really that her by because because they have austin syndrich. Yeah exactly and you look at fenway to. They probably want a racing guy in there as well wants Jack routes finally decided to step away. Yeah for sure and from that and we'll come back to the other story that You want to talk about in a second but from there. Let's talk about a kind of related story that we got confirmation. That jeff gordon is going to leave. Talks to run hendrick motorsports or prepare to run. Hendrick motorsports is going to be in this. The second in command next to rick hendrick. Same thing here you know. I mean just like brag. His laskey brings somebody younger with more race experience into a team that has in aging owner. It's the same exact situation. I mean the success level is different. Obviously right now. And it's super super important for hendrick motorsports because they are such a huge organization. Both you know for the sport financially that they have somebody who really understands what they're doing and how a team should be run running it and jeff. Gordon provides perfect opportunity. But unlike brad keselowski. He doesn't have that day to day operation ownership type of thing. Yes he's involved was involved in. The forty eight car is involved in the forty eight car. But rick hendrick was running the show so i think he needs time to ramp up and it makes no sense if this is going to be his future gig. It makes no sense for him to continue messing around in the in the broadcast booth. Bummer because i think he's good When there's so much at stake with hendrick motorsports and they can get him up to speed right now. When like we were mentioning earlier they have four incredibly young drivers who are all incredibly talented and capable of winning races and capable of winning championships. You start right now. You get those guys coming up through the system. Working with jeff gordon primarily and then the whole operation is now solidified for the next fifteen years. No problem. yeah. I mean you gotta get him out of the booth if this is the thing if this is the end goal anyway. Why not do it now. Why why. why wait. Why pussyfoot around it just get it done in the long scheming and like you said like he he did have some kind of hand in the forty eight but at the same time. It's not the same as running. All four teams right and nine to appeal sponsors here there and everywhere so i think it's a good move. I think now is just the time to get my joy out of the booth and just completely revamped xactly. Let's finish the job. Finish what we started everybody. Yeah exactly so adamant. There is available now gadhafi. It is going to be interesting to see what they do in the booth weather it. They add somebody with a boyer. Or whether it's just gonna be boyer or how that's all going to work. I think it's too bad booth Fine all things considered. I think that's perfectly fine. Especially when you re larry mac on remote to throw to. I think it's fine to have just boyer and someone else up. Their boy has the The ability to develop into like. Benny parsons type of person. Kind of look goofy. Funny you know. Load school as good insight. Yeah yeah still still still still relevant because he just came off the tracks so yeah You know like. I said i thought that that jeff did a good job but and and i think he helps because appeals to a wider audience. Outside of just you know the south. Because he doesn't had the accent. But i mean i can totally see. I mean it totally makes sense for him to do this. We also from kansas. So i think that are missouri so that was too early in the middle of nowhere yeah And then a. What was the other story. That i missed because i know something else. Ms tally gracing finally announced their program. Oh i thought put that down. No i guess. I didn't okay. Justin haley will be driving full time in the cup series on and they acquired to charters what how right so kelly will also have their expanding program which will have aj dinger running full-time And then he will have a part time nascar cup Venture as well does not say who they got the charters from interesting how they dissolved or how they how they happen but they now have The the good ole. Oh spire still tube. It's three charters to colleague. Wow well that's good. Yep so they have. So they'll have the two the two full-time deals yeah they'll have So spiral continue to have the number seven and and that may be the seventy seven just.

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