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Think this is a team that definitely could win it as well as we've seen Foudy. I'm curious when we're back in the states where we have this opportunity to watch all these teams play one there. There are certain teams at stand out there like oh, they're really tough to be obviously France being the host country is the one that's giving a lot of attention. Not only for the result, but also their performance. My question is, who else is generating buzz on the ground there? I mean, I haven't been able to watch all games in their entirety. But what I saw Germany didn't impress me that I didn't see the entire the entire game I would say probably the one that. Gives me outside of France. The most pause in terms of being able to be the United States is England, and especially England in that first half against Scotland. I thought that you know, Nikita Paris was phenomenal. We know already about Lucy bronze and how phenomenal she can be? Frank Kirby didn't have the game of her life, nor did Beth Mead yet, you know, they're still playing. All right. And that's a team with DEP. I mean, they're, they're bringing off the bench. Karen Carney and. And you look at all the layers, they now have before Kate when we've been talking about England for the last decade, you could name, you know, they're key players on one hand. Right. And then you'd go up, but, you know, maybe they don't have the depth than this position or that position. And now you look at them and go, not only do they have the depth. They have the confidence. And it looks like they're playing with the little swagger. So I like England and I know that's not nearly as good as they can play. They said the same thing. But that's a that's a very good team. Both of you have England in the one point five tiers that in my remembering did Foudy have won five. I the only about doing one point five. Because he was the one point two three. Jacks, Ian was in dark. It was heading had them at one, right? On the only one that was like, yeah, but I want to see them for ninety minutes. They still are one point five for me only because of that second half. But Julia they want. Are they to your one now for you? England. I would put them tier one. Yes, VM going with it do it. That way we haven't gonna fight. We'd be courageous that brave statement. Stepping out on that limb. Look, let's let's dive in really quick what we've got the time on the US team. I know they're playing Thailand tomorrow. So maybe we don't need a full scouting report of what is gonna look look like Julie. Maybe the only question left around this, starting eleven before we said farewell to you during the preview show, was would it be Lindsey Horon or Samuel? You've been around the team or twenty four hours out now where do you see Jill LS making that decision? I would I would be. Hypothesizing here. But I think she's going to go. Jill Ellison is going to go with Sam yoU', although I would I think that I would like to see haram. Get those minutes and that confidence, because as we've talked about her if Horon is playing confident and well then she can be such a game changer. And you know, already and Samuel you have that. So. I think she's going to go with US, but I'm hoping it's haram just to get her back up to speed. Also, I would be surprised if it was music. Would you be surprised surprised? I think it would be crushing her confidence because then what you wanna do. You wanna get them both playing at the same level that then you can make that choice in that game that you think one of them could have a bigger advantage. Right. I would say newes she's really good at connecting a little bit higher up. Her can hit those longer unlocking balls. Right. And she's an excellent target on set pieces. Both of them are. But I think.

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