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I'm Alison Stewart host of all of it on WNYC, the daily live show at the intersection of culture, and the culture on the next all of it. The author of the viral piece a love story on his newest article titled lost a love story. A seventy six year old widows journey following the death of her husband of forty seven years. We'll talk to her and author and Goldman plus performances and conversations from German baritone Benjamin, apple all of it. Because it new on WNYC. It's morning edition from NPR news. I'm Steve Inskeep. And I'm king. Good morning, California. Governor Jerry Brown finishes his term today. He's always liked reeling off Latin quotes, and obscure literary and historical references, then Adler of capital public radio has a reporter's notebook of some of Brown's more memorable quips during his final. Go round has governor you might expect a drop in entertainment value when a movie star leaves the governor's office, the Jerry Brown took California politics from Arnold Schwarzenegger's. I'll be back to Latin. I've often used the phrase from Thomas Hobbes bellum Ona's contra openness of the only country that was Brown quoting a seventeenth century English philosopher during his state budget update in may twenty eleven back when California faced to twenty seven billion dollar deficit. He was urging Republicans to strike a deal that would let voters decide whether to extend expire. During tax increases, otherwise he translated of all against all. It will be everyone will return to their corner, and devise strategies on what California does there was no deal. So later that year after signing a budget with automatic cuts, if state revenues came in below projections Brown, again turned to Latin there's a very simple I wanted to invoke a Latin phrase here Nimmo dot non habit in means. No main gives what he does not have the state cannot give what it does not have would also sprinkle in little quips. When speaking off the cuff, for example, in September of twenty eleven as he was slogging through hundreds of bills on his desk. Every human problem needs a law a statement, he sometimes echoed in his veto messages, which themselves were often quite entertaining. And last month at the Sacramento Press Club, he put forth, perhaps the most Jerry Brown quote ever. News here to enlighten me. As for literary and historical references, you'd be hard pressed to top the twenty the Brown weaved into his twenty thirteen state of the state address, for example, Oliver Wendell Holmes Genesis, then the lean cows it up the fact cows quiz bits William Butler Yeats the principle of subsidiarity little engine that could and his 2017 state of the state. Let me end in the immortal words of Woody Guthrie Brown quoted Guthrie's progressive folk anthem. This land is your land as he urged a state still reeling from President Trump's election to respond with courage, and perseverance. Nobody living can never make me turn back. This land was made for you. And me Joe is not turning back. Not.

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