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If you go to watch damp it's a place but to the point received a best is I'm not gonna lie to you You know isn't arab. Were point is that you can't get your back. It was almost like a twofold the get your life. Back is trying to campus o. R. c. had to really just kinda retrain yourself to get ready for the regular season game but you know i always thought the best. The best part preseason as ending. Obviously you need the reps. And i've mentioned this before you have to get your body acclimated to the this calorie of it but It's a necessary evil. I think it's more. Rj for valuation of younger players. And people you know players are maybe what make roster but other than that. It's a pointed at times. You think it's senseless but reason why they have preceded gains because it's tv revenue and people watch it and they love it that's true Tv revenues all the rage in all levels of football especially college. Football right now but It is speaking of tv. I cut the cord but that's a whole different subject. We can talk about that offline. I'm i feel liberated but But this preseason game on thursday. The pro football hall of fame game will take place on fox Generally that has been on. Espn things are just a little bit different but everybody knows on fox we will have an article available for your the in case. You are confused. we let you know how to watch and listen to it. But that's the game. But i as mentioned tony. I think the thing. Everyone's looking forward to the most is the enshrinement ceremony on saturday. Because jimmy johnson's finally going to get to go in. There's been a lot of great material floating around the internet. Different spaces different media spaces in the lead up to jimmy's enshrinement. I saw bob. Sturm had a great piece over at the athletic where you were a part of it A lot of different. You know former cowboys players from that time just kind of told some jimmy stories. Did you see the story. The second story. That troy told to bob sturm. You know what. I know the bob. 'cause he reach out to him and i was part of its piece but i have not ready yet But i will now that you mention that but there's so many great stories about jimmy. I'm just curious to what the troy add to say so troy. I don't know if you feel cheated. Tony bet Bob let troy tell two stories about jimmy so you got one a lot of great stores. I guess the best one. But the greatest of all time quarterback the cowboys. And i guess you get to stores share so said this is the second one choice said again. Everybody go read this story in the athletic that he was in the bahamas and after the super bowl in ninety three. You guys are back to back. World champions you guys are on top of the world and choice that he was there fishing with some friends and he said that jimmy had set him up What this gm at the crystal palace hotel and casino. I don't know if you've ever been there tony but obviously troy had a good time here. as the back to back super bowl champion winning quarterback But choice said he was up ten thousand dollars on the gambling table when he got back to his room. He said he didn't have his workout for the next i. This is the kind of what. I thought was fascinating. So i don't know if you guys would have these like printed out or something or like you just would write down your workout or something But choice it so he called You know your strength coach at the time and you know said hey i need my my workout you know can any actually said this is the line can fax me and my workout for so i can get it in store and troy said that he he on the message he left he said oh by the way if you run into jimmy at the facility tell them i'm kicking their ass on the tables and he hung up and so he said the next morning he's deep sea fisher and so they left really early and he said he's waiting for his friends in the front of the hotel or wherever and gm of the casino goes out to him and says hey when you get back coach says he's going to meet you at the tables and choi was like what are you talking about and the guy says jimmy johnson and he's he's coming over here he's gonna meet you at the table so poorly troy talking crap about being up on the tables inspired jimmy to just fly out of the bahamas that's just the kind of life jimmy johnson leads. Well it's it's kind curious at the detroit take home at ten thousand dollars. Jiming that he who won the most money a ally knows that anytime you get emotional at a casino you're gonna ask is gonna loose. I just know that by my experience so hopefully it worked out for both those guys. But yeah so i. I obviously vividly remember the facts days and that would be mike worst cigar string addition to the time But you know. That's kind of how competitive jimmy johnson was because here's troy. Aj he's in the bahamas at this casino as ten kicking. You know the dealers bud asked up ten thousand dollars. Here's this coach. Jimmy johnson city. Now and you know at the time. Maybe he'd made been the keys or whatever. Maybe it's like. I'm just gonna go word. Say i'm gonna wind up itself. It's really interesting because You know through all these damn stories that we tell about.

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