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And here is financial editor Len Walter, ladies and gentlemen, pitcher, slipping such a couple of minutes ago is treasury yields went up after data showed producer prices in the US rose last month suggesting there was no let up in inflation pressure right now off the lows, but still down the Dow future down seventy six NASDAQ down forty nine the S and P future down about ten and a half. It's about two points off at slow. The producer price index climbed two-tenths of percent in September that reversed and unexpected decline in August and pretty much in line with expectations. More importantly, the core producer price index which strips out food and energy and trade services grew four tenths of a percent last month, the largest increase since January. Meantime, treasury yields in the US advanced after the data holding their multi year. Highs hit after a recent string of healthy economic data fan fears of rising inflation and faster interest rate. Hi. Hikes ten year yield this morning three point two three four percent alongside the concerns. I just mentioned investors have also to consider the impact of the U S China trade war on the global economy. The IMF International Monetary Fund yesterday cut its global growth forecast for this year, next and said, the US and China would face the brunt of the impact of their dispute next year. Shares of US semiconductor makers are leading declines this morning on the top indexes in pre-market trading. After Swiss vacuum belt maker that group which supplies chip. Equipment said demand from customers had slumped Intel Applied Materials lamb, research Micron and Qualcomm all down between one point four and two point three percent ahead of the open in a couple of minutes, apple dipping, a half of a percentage point the same for Amazon, the top Republican on the Senate Commerce Committee has asked the two companies and super microcomputer for staff briefings about a report that China implanted militias..

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