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Five hundred catches and eighty eight touchdowns he's cut more touchdown passes from tom brady than any other player eighty seven and the next closest guys rainy moss with forty while the only other tight ends with numbers like these are in tonio gates and tony gonzalez both on their way to the hall of absolutely if grunk did retire now wouldn't it be a hall of famer even though he's only played eight years the last guy to be put in with that few seasons was gale sayers who played seven seasons for getting hurt in the sixties but isn't gronk in this particular context sandy koufax he he he sandy one i one hundred percent believe that i mean by the way we you we didn't mention how many super bowl championships how many super bowls did grunk i think he has the authority i'm getting to be has to xl what does that forty nine and wikipedia is never wrong competing also says that i am seventy two years old so excellent last night last iron seventy two win last year and he won in forty nine and fifty right yeah but i think he i think he goes to the hall of fame i do and and i didn't even if he never plays another now and i'd give him this advice about becoming an action star the thing about dwayne johnson and by the way the thing about our friend rick fox is that they realized that acting is a completely different mountain to climb and those guys rick fox dwayne johnson they went and studied with acting teachers before they did anything so if gronk really wants to do it it's not just hey i'll be an action star it's hey i'll go and learn how to act and i think the story my my buddy richard shift from the west wing yup who works with the rock on the tv show baller scherf says he's a great.

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