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I just find the whole thing just disgusting and watching kim kardashian taking pictures in the oval at just turns my stomach and it makes me think nick that this is going to be the fiftieth anniversary of robert kennedy's assassination fifty dollars yeah and i think we just fifty years okay to fifty years so is this how far we've come is this our advancement you know this is where we've come with our world leaders from kim guard ashington the white house from from robert kennedy talking about beating the hungry the poor and and raising ourselves up as a society and working together as one to to make a great nation to kim kardashian in the white house make it really saddens me this is not a political show we've tried not to make it a political kind of is we always go back to politics a little bit but it just saddens me that great minds like robert kennedy they're the ones that get assassinated it's just it's it's it brings a tear to my i'm a huge fan of robert kennedy is you know even his brother his brother john even though i love love john too i know he had many many faults but having said that they got on a on a on a higher note is as we get ready to close the lounge it has i've been an interesting five years and we have had many many guests and if you go down the dock at the roster of guest we've had on this show it's pretty amazing it really isn't and i will i will take one out of your vocabulary and say you know at titans the great winter clothes you know what tie the last five years wasn't that cool.

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