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When we look at that, and when we referenced Brandenburg, which talked about the intensive speech The imminent of lawlessness and a lot of lawlessness. Willie When you look at that test House, then the intent that day based on what preceded it. It appears basically that it could rise to that level. What about the double standard? What's acceptable to some is not acceptable to others. They were in large numbers of Democrats, including vice president to be Kamila Harris, who raised money. For those getting out on bond, who burned down Minneapolis and there were many times taking to the streets getting their face. I can recall Maxine Waters get in their face and restaurants and gasoline stations practically every Democrat. There's like 47 examples. I have of the Democrats telling people taking to the streets do what you got to do. We got to change the country. The idea the Democrats are held to a different standard than Republicans. And that's where the laws got to come in and make the differential. The law has got to mean something. And when Rudolph Giuliani said there must be trial by combat Trial by combat. That's another issue. Donald Trump Jr talked about fighting like hell. Don't let them do this. You had the president, raising his right hand and a fist like gestured. He used the word fighting or fight about seven or eight times. He wanted. A fight to take place is that I'll walk with you down Pennsylvania Avenue. Now the president would say that's freedom of speech on the president. I can do what I wanna do. And But the law on this area is a little iffy is between the 40 in the 40 yard line. It depends politically what side you fall on his toe. What the outcome might be. I contend that it would be a horrible thing for America to put a former United States president in jail. Normally that we've never locked up one of our former leaders. And so what would politics Austin playing in this a little bit, too? Willie Apophis plays into everything now from literally going online. Just trying, take a dog walk. And here Lee were bombarded by politics, but what we have to do it, take it one step at a time and recognized the fundamental distinction. Reference. A lot of these political people out there that are saying go to the streets take action under the wall, and that's the analysis. That dollar now is right now. It is essential imperative and failure to recognize the key word being imminent. There is a huge distinction. And you know what I'm thinking back to the day that was trying to pay attention to the law student, you know, hoping my professors don't hear this. But there was one example that I always remember and last time to back in con law with my teacher that There's a big difference between take to the street versus Take to the streets right now and go down March, Toe otr and burn the place down. That's different. The difference is that you can generally paint with a broad brush and even face him inflammatory things, but really legally what you cannot do, including the president, especially the president. Cannot go and reference with specificity. Bash Sean of Democracy, which is the capital Go down there. And take it back. So stop this deal is what he said. Stop the steel. They're stealing going on. And then there were counting the electoral ballots that which is the sacred constitutional duty, And that is what was to be disrupted. Now. Time is short. Austin a Puma. Let me ask you this about Twitter and Facebook and Google and all the rest parlor. I'm watching this morning Judge Jeannine Pirro that Tony Bender loves to watch, And she made the reference that our first Amendment rights are being evaporated and I'm looking at her saying. Man. Are you wrong? Explain why the first Amendment doesn't apply to Twitter, Facebook or power will. Amen. You know, Remember that movie back in like 2000 Erin Brockovich with Julia Roberts. Remember that? No. She went around and fought against toxic Cos I die aggressed. The reason I mentioned that is often were so guilty of this warriors are there's a quote in there that says Why you make things so complicated that are complicated. And you know what? In this specific area. It's not complicated, folks. Here's the reality. You're going to hear so many different talking at so many different things. But guess what? It's this simple. A private corporation is incapable of infringing on free speech. You know why? Because they're not the government and the First Amendment does not apply. Twitter Google Parlor. Olive garden. Whomever can go ahead and say, Hey, you can't say that in here. Hey, you can't do that in here. Hey, You can't tweet that from here That is the reality. It's that simple. Private businesses are not government entities. And so it Twitter confer. Any reason good reason. Bad reason along is not prohibited by law. What would you say? OK, let's say they say we're not gonna let black people on Twitter. Well, now you got a problem. That's the 1964 Civil Rights Act. However, they can say You know what we're going to. We're going to keep off individuals who are conservatives. Because conservatives are not covered by the 1964 Civil rights Act, etcetera and its progeny, and therefore, when I hear lawyers, including former judges talk about the First Amendment and Twitter, my eyes roll back in my head. Yeah, you and I, both my friend because there is a difference. It's about informing the American people off What the law actually is. We live in a society that values diversity in opinions and schools of thought, But what we cannot do it continued toe beaten to a bloody pulp. To complete fallacy and misinformation about the Constitution, which unfortunately is actually being desecrated in so many ways, you know, I guess I'm I'm catch. I'm a political observer. But for the last several months, the left him and talking about defunding the police when he'd less police And now they deplore the lack of police on the Capitol somewhat inconsistent and Kamila Harris and the summer help set up a fund to free on bond. Those who burned down Minneapolis there numerous quotes and cuts of practically every Democrat when the riots were going on, and not and Nancy Pelosi was asking July. Would you comment about this? She said. People do what people do. It's like no big deal. CNN commentators would say riots are the language is used by those not heard by the unheard. And so maybe the Trump supporters were paying attention to CNN. Numerous examples have existed of the double standard. Some violence is worse than other violence. How about the autonomous zone said happened in Seattle with the warlord Raz Simone and his armed thugs with absolute impunity took over a part of Seattle and also Portland, There were four shootings. Two deaths destroyed or vandalize thousands of state and federal public monuments all over the country, including some in Washington, D C. Surrounded the White House fences were put up. Washington D. C was burning. Hundreds of buildings were looted and the Democrats that their convention did nothing. No condemnation whatsoever. It ignored the ignored it because it fit a political purpose of the Democrats. That doesn't justify it all. I criticize it all those who walked into the capital and vandalize it should be prosecuted and those in Washington, D. C. Who burned a tried to burn down the Episcopal Church there and vandalized.

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