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During May Day protests give us a look at the new tactics that Seattle police are using to handle destructive demonstrations. Comas Joel Marino has more Seattle police wouldn't discuss details of their new methods. But Jim Feudal with crime stoppers of Puget Sound, says tactics have evolved to better track lawbreakers who use a crowd is cover. They don't have to provide at that moment, proof beyond a reasonable doubt. They just have to have probable cause and then the case gets built from their food. Oh, says prosecutors now Need to pursue criminal charges following such arrests to keep the crimes from continuing. Officers can also call upon a civil attorney in each precinct for guidance on what is needed to take a case before a jury. There's a side causing the problems that the police are being held accountable. Let's hold them accountable to all 14 people arrested this past weekend have since been released from jail. The city attorney's office says their cases will still be reviewed. It will take some time to most, Joe Marino. Bill and Melinda Gates, maybe getting divorced, but their foundation will continue. The foundation of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has invested nearly $54 billion in initiatives, toe and poverty and improve global health. Jeff Shulman is marketing professor at the University of Washington's Foster School of Business. People of Seattle should really be rooting for the building on the Gates Foundation to continue to thrive. Bill and Melinda Gates will stay on as co chairs and trustees of that foundation. Yesterday, they announced on Twitter that they're ending their 27 year marriage. And Thursday night football going exclusively to Amazon Prime a year earlier than originally planned. Beginning with the 2022 season, those games can only be seen on the streaming service or over the air on local TV stations. Amazon is paying the NFL of billion dollars per season for 11 years. Fox has Thursday night football through 2021 coming up on camo after we check in on sports, black white silver lot of vehicles with those colors on the highway, but when it comes to resale value, that's not what buyers are looking for. I'm Carleen Johnson. First 2 to 10. Come on. Sports Update from the Beacon Plumbing Sports desk. Here's Eric Heights. The Mariners look to shake off. Last night's 53 lost to Baltimore as the emcee knows meat in the second game of the three games Syriza AT T Mobile Park. GM's lead one Nothing going into the eighth inning before giving up five runs. They had only three hits total, including home runs by Tom Murphy and Mitch Hanniger. The next time the Husky football team meets on the practice field. It will be August at the start of fall camp Spring practice concluded Saturday with a Purple Gold Game, a Husky stadium. Head coach Jimmy Lake, says the scrimmage offers more benefits than putting the players into a game week situation. I think every single year there's a really good start having 9000 plus fans there and hopefully, you know next year and years to come. We just have more more fans to support and to show the country that football means a lot in the city of Seattle, instead of Washington and in the Northwest and on the West Coast and in the Pac 12 In the spring game, the purple team beat the gold 20 to 13. The Seahawks added another player to their roster today as part of the NFL's international player Pathway program. They brought on Aaron Dunk or a linebacker from Germany will stay on the roster through training camp. He's also played at Arkansas State, and you'd have women's soccer team plays Second seed North Carolina Tomorrow and the NC double A sweet 16 sports attendant. 40 minutes past the hour. Americans coma News Come on news time to 11. Turns out the color of your vehicle can affect how quickly it loses value and the highest valued color at resale might surprise you. I know for me it's not one that I would bother buying a new car. It was that color combos Carleen Johnson updates after comparing the prices of more than six million new and used cars between 2017 and 2020. The latest. I see cars study determined which colors are best when it comes to re selling or trading in that car Turns out yellow vehicles hold their value. The best Julie Blackley with icy cars, the combination of yellow being a very rare color. And the fact that there isn't a high supplies for it. It all has to do with supply and demand a $37,700 for a new yellow vehicle. Three years later, average price is still just over 30 Grand versus the last place. My car's color. A gold vehicle knew it. Just under 40 grand would only be worth 21,603 years after yellow. It's beige than orange, green and gray with least appreciation. Carleen Johnson. Come on news, Carly. There's nothing wrong with a gold car. So when you're trying to find work, what are you looking for? In an employer, Como's Denise Whitaker tells us what's important to many job seekers. Finding a career versus a job is what Maura and more Americans are now looking for, especially after experiencing job loss. We're really massive changes to their jobs during the pandemic. This is why linked in, says it creates this annual list of the companies where Americans most want to work. They look for companies that give people greater ability to advance. Company stability, gender diversity and educational background, Among other factors. Thistles the fifth annual list that they've put out for the first time ever. Amazon is on top. After three years in the number three position I talked with Amazon's vice president of workforce development are Dean Williams about the reasons she gives for.

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