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Oakville, the Northwest's on Lee 24 hour news station. From ABC News I'm gave Packer as the investigation into the deadly capital riot unfolds new information about the deadly intentions of some of those rioters. ABC chief Justice correspondent figure Thomas reports on a plot to murder the two highest ranking lawmakers in the building sources of pointing to a man Dominic Pa's Ola, who was accused of smashing a window to get into the capital, A witness has come forward, claiming to have had a conversation with Pa's Ulla and other members of the group that stormed the capital. The witness says they discuss how puzzle in Others allegedly went to the capital and would have killed Speaker Pelosi and vice President Pence if they had been given a chance. Meanwhile, three days ahead of the inauguration of a new president Washington D. C. On high alert shops have been boarded up along Connecticut Avenue in downtown Washington, D C. Huge rectangle surrounding the White House down to the Lincoln Memorial, stretching all the way East past the Capitol streets are being blocked off by the National Guard. Biden's inauguration is taking place under unprecedented security. Given what happened at the Capitol on January 6th, some 25,000 National Guard troops are here to keep order. Margaret Malard. ABC NEWS Washington The Corona virus pandemic showing no signs of retreating US nearing yet another major milestone as deaths is closer to 400,000. Across the country, hospitals are being pushed to the brink. In Georgia. One medical centers, ICU is at 200% capacity we're having to treat patients in the hallways and also in the ambulances. ICU capacity in some national hospitals down to 11% and here in California more than 500 people are dying. Daily states desperate to vaccinate as that highly contagious UK variant spreads across the country, ABC Serene Shaw. The plane carrying poisoned Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has Landed in Moscow, where he faces threat of arrest. But the flight landed a different airport that had been scheduled for purported technical reasons. You're listening to ABC News, Stay connected. Stay informed. Co Moh Sunday. Good morning. Come on. News time is 10 02. I'm Eric Giants in the coma. 24 7 News Center. Here is the top local stories recovering for Sunday, January 17th. Lisa never. They're investigating after officers say a homeowner shot and alleged burglar. No word on that person's condition. This happened around 10 last night. We don't know whether that homeowner is expected to face any charges. Lot of downtown Seattle shut down Saturday afternoon after a man told police he had a bomb inside his truck. That truck was parked right outside the FBI Seattle headquarters. Almost Patrick Quinn has more just after one o'clock, officials say, a 34 year old man intentionally set his own car on fire to get the attention of the police. And when fire and police crews arrived, he told them he had a bomb in his truck. Police shut down downtown Seattle is they investigated but found no bomb and towed away the truck. Authorities are trying to figure out why the man made the threat in the first place. But the head of Seattle's FBI field office says for now, all is calm in Washington ahead of Inauguration Day. Security around the state Capitol in Olympia is beefed up and we'll be through Inauguration Day, The FBI issued a warning about the the potential for armed protest at all. 50 State capitals. Ava Arvis says she supports peaceful demonstration unprecedented times. Obviously everybody's really unsatisfied in the lake is a really disturbing time for everybody. Washington A patrol says they have enough personnel on hand to deal with whatever may come along at these state patrol..

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