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You know the conversations that i've had throughout the last year and a half a whiz whiz folks in elmont you know they they are hugely supportive of this is first as a concept and now as something much much closer to reality you know in two thousand nine i think it was when he almost community came out with a sort of a vision statement when he original rfp was released by the state and at that point in time the fulltime train station station was a huge priority for them 'em you know in in it it sort of dropped dropped out and came back in but again you know the the community activists the local leadership in elmont we work closely with a number of folks who who run nonprofits interactive in the chamber of commerce which 'em which is you know it's these are these are volunteers who care about the future of of elmont care about the future of the towns and villages that's around belmont park and 'em i can't i can't thank them enough for the work that they do every day to support the community you know oftentimes in these kinds of prophecies b b m the the voices of opposition tend to be loudest but this is caesar 'em were allowed in new york and 'em either healthy is this is a healthy dialogue this is not at no point did this feel to me at least i'm having been through these kinds of things a few times for that there was a a toxic environment around the stuff you know people's opinions should be heard people should feel free to express them and credits to 0 espy who was point on the project for convening however many dozens of of community meetings that they did so that people could could rightly express their opinion expressed their beliefs and be heard by elected officials by by bsd personnel and staff themselves 'em dessert you know even the the public feedbacks it was a that was gained through environmental impact process assess a they responded at each and every one of those questions i think they take those questions seriously you know no one should think that it's anything but a process to get to the bottom of of how best to use a valuable piece of property moving forward for the next hundred years and have the new york islanders at belmont park is is are neighbors 'em is throwing prospect well they were excited about it and i know some people for whatever reason were were less than enthused when this whole thing that kinda came to be and i i didn't understand that their reaction from from the getgo anything that brings people you know onto the grounds a especially considering that these events are typically in the evening and people can come earlier when when were win races are being run and a head of the enjoy a day at at belmont and you can't help but expect that you'll get by by osmosis you'll get people interested just you know just being there in many cases i'm sure for the first time so it got me it's this is there's no so there's no way around the fact of the property will change the backyard will change 'em you know we are were deeply involved in in those conversations with new york arena partners 'em but you know this is an evolution of a of a of property 'em to just sort of reflecting the reality and 'em it's again when you when you think about the bottom line you conomic impact 'em you know throughout the region coupled coupled with you know these these new pieces that became public yesterday in the form of the train station and in.

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