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I'm using them for a red sox game. You know there's a couple of games left and they're great. Also mybookie use code over time for all you degenerate gamblers to get great deals on. You're gambling sat so oh thank you Peter for my general South Shut up Peter who bought me general south tonight you're so fucking lovely also brought to you by Peter also brought brought to you by Peter. Thanks Byron all right. Let's do some fan questions. starting off from our discord channel mixer join the talk some soccer and hang out first question comes from Howard roark one six one he says can we rename the Europa League the clumpy cat litter box cup yeah I don't I yes. It's that's pretty far. You're more competition name. Whatever you want like there's a reason to care about cubs named the care about cop named the Euro believed leaky make League League feet face for all I care worthless competition just united beat a Straw today one zero because of Mason Greenwood in the seventy third minute by the way yeah warrantless competition does not matter more as much as a copycat litterbox all right next question comes from drunk uncle? He says imagine a straight line of fourth graders running at you. How many could you fight off until you are overwhelmed? ooh That's a great question straight line so three the three hundred fifty of fourth graders running at you. How many could you take down tired probably got? How many would it be till you got got tired? I I feel like fifteen feeling I didn't happen. You're in better shape than me and I know I could take down more than fifteen fourth graders. Have you seen them Kevin Fourth grader young. They're like well. We got some questions. Here are some have been held back in fifth graders I need to do I have weapon. I Yeah I don't know man. There's you've seen like how old are you in fourth grade like ten. I'd say like fourteen fourteen seems like a good fourth grade. You're going into a high score you hi. Are you talking about. Well okay. Maybe like twelve twelve now twelve year like in middle school now. They're like ten okay then I could could take down. At least I'd say I was saying at least eight hundred confirming right now. they're not nine nine nine. Oh I could fuck. I could fuck some nine years up dude. Oh do I get any weapons. A bat can weekly quickly on. I'm I'M GONNA say I'M GONNA move it up at least twenty and then I'll get tired and probably feel bad. I I'M GONNA go with like four or five hundred nine year olds they. They don't have a chance most titles in single file. Now now in single file is like one coming at you and I'm GonNa make a caveat. I have to look at their actual transcript to make sure they're in fourth grade fight them and then I get to fight another one so I'm gonNA say like five or six hundred actually bring those fourth graders on okay well next question Dr Ass eat fast says if Martin and your cat were according onto a cliff and you could only save one. Who would it be Kevin? That's easy my cat like me yeah for sure. I WANNA die. Yeah I have Martin wants to die. Mike Catt like honestly but then again if I drop my cat he wouldn't give Schick is cats. Do not give a shit about anything. You probably all right cool nice all right. He'd also scratch you if you try to save him. Oh yeah if I saved them. You just bite me so I don't know I I you know Second Kevin. That's true you would never bite me so I'm probably going to pick you over Theo all right next question from our twitter followers at lives underscore podcast Reno Santa's Rui he is the host of the Red card report he took me to the AC Milan Porto no benefit game at Gillette Stadium. He's the fucking Shit so make sure to listen to his podcast. He says what is your Darby Della Madonia prediction so a Milan Derby. What is your predictions and I'm GONNA go injure? I feel like better coach. I know this is going to kill Ruiz heart but even though they just can't and also the Internet came off a bad match so I'm always GonNa take team who came off a bad match and it's GonNa Bounce back and they're going to do it in the Milan Darby. Yeah I mean I really think that Inter Milan has built better and security better coach in this past three years that both of these teams have been building these teams. I think that content is just bad. I think this acme long team is full of Rio improve talent and as much as the lie gazing Milan I don't something there at the level of AC Milan but at the San Sierra man anything can happen and I'll always be rooting for AC Lawn so let's Go ACM along. Let's go easy Milano refer you rui but I don't feel good about it. All right our finals questions from our instagram first question comes from Sweeney how junior he says. How do you feel about your team's performance in the Champions League this week? Sorry had to well fuck you rob that was united beat Estrada. Have you heard that we'd beat Estrada in the League. Make League Face League in the Kitty Clump litterbox league yeah. What does the Frankfort two so two WS bad question? Yes suck it rob all right next question N. G. host ten says how do do you feel that Arsenal guy clean sheet with Louise Jacques Cousteau fee starting hugs and kisses cool. I guess I I mean what do you want for me. I don't know what to tell you. I don't feel great. I mean it's cool but it's also Frankford in the Europa League. Whatever Martin is a good Frankford into Europe league dude that that summed it up perfectly like I guess I guess I don't no no do you? I don't know man. I guess there's so many arsenal fans who keep chirping me being like Oh Kevin like come on you. GotTa think about the positive what bucket bucket positive I mean saga was great in the game. We had some great performances tonight but then again we're playing in the league. It's just doesn't fucking matter is a league. We're like literally to the end. If we do win it which doubt you know. That's why everyone keeps. 'em restored admit that at the end everyone will oh syllabi like ha ha banter. FCC finally when their first European trophy but it's your opening I'd be like well. Fuck me. What do you want from us? It's a lose lose. Situation are let me give you a metaphor. Oh for real quick in terms of the Europa League which I don't believe in but metaphor nonetheless is pretty good so imagine you're going to like Taco Bell or McDonald's Donald some share and you order something like a salad or a Taco Salad and you need some plastic utensils to eat said salad and at the end of the day you get all the way home and you open your Taco bell bag and you don't get any utensils you don't get any classic utensils and that is when when you realize that plastic silverware is very very important so it might be his bread and butter but at least he's delivering trophies United Emory is making sure there are some plastic utensils in that Taco bell bag every single year so don't count it out ourselves going to at least go to the Europa final again this year because you not emory most considerate drive-thru host make make sure there's some plastic silverware and they're sure that sounds awesome anyway. That's that's that's. That's our show. 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