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And just seeing the support from everyone means the world, can I ask the family when they plan on having the funeral? They say at this point, they are not sure CBS to kale. Nine news reporter, Chris Holmstrom in L Hambro, the man accused of killing the deputy made his first court appearance, the charges against retina Elson describe a rapid violent crime spree. Twenty deputies including relatives in partners of Joseph Solano. Present rep Nelson merely answered to questions from the judge waiving his rights to a speedy arraignment, the hearing lasting little more than a minute that the as filed five felony counts Nelson than just sixty five minutes on Monday afternoon. He allegedly shot and killed Dmitry Colette's Albany seventh-place minutes later and just a few blocks away, fired a gun at Mr Mann Alexander true to catchy, and then shot and killed dippy. Joseph Solano in and out hamburger restaurant following the killings. He reportedly went to Long Beach, where he committed to armed robberies. The charges have been filed with a special circumstance allegation, which could get Nelson. The death penalty or life without parole. If he's convicted. Acted his next court date is set for the li- twenty-second at the criminal courthouse. Pete Demetrio KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio federal appeals court is over ruled a deportation saying the van is rate that led to it was illegal, the judges ruled that immigration agents, raided a printer cartridge manufacturing facility under false pretenses. They arrested one hundred thirty people suspected of being in the country illegally, but only had warrants for the arrest of eight employee's documents seizure, the ruling cancels the deportation of the plaintiff. Gregorio Perez, crews and could also invalidate others affected by the rate at other rates like it nationwide. Some cases tied to the two thousand eight van Nuys, operation are still, pending, the ten had been deported Brian paying KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio. California's attorney general has gone to court again, in an effort to stop President Trump from building a wall along the Mexican border the tactic, this time the money the two and a half billion dollars. The president is trying to divert toward construction of the wall in emotion, California, attorney general, how they are Sarah argues that the diversion. Is unlawful, because it is not what congress intended the money to be used for environmental. Arguments also come into play both California, and New, Mexico, say a border wall would harm wildlife, and natural resources, the new motion asks the US district court for the northern district of California to block the use of the money for the purposes of building, Mr. Trump's much wanted and promised wall, Charles Feldman KNX ten seventy NewsRadio. Valedictorian in San Diego County, thank teachers inter speech, then she took a turn California high school, valedictorian Natalie bureau is not going to be asking staffers school. Freddie, references in the future during her graduation speech at San Ysidro high school. She called out several school officials including teacher..

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