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If you're not throwing from a balanced position, you're more prone to throw inaccurate passes or force passes into situations that you shouldn't. And that's why he throws more hospitals hospital balls. I I don't think I had heard that term before. But yes, some of the hits I saw some of the Missouri wide receivers take this year. We're we're not good at all. No. And you we know that we've you see why receivers they understand they're they're getting paid lots of money, and this is a profession and that some point some of these wide receiver. Are gonna go. Listen, I'm not going for that. I'm not golfer that business. I I have five years left on my deal. I would like to make that kind of money and pay off my house, you know, like to have a college fund for my kid. I'm not doing that. And some people will say, you know, diehard fans will say certain things about that. And I understand. I mean, there's a sentiment where you want guys to sacrifice your for your team on a level. That's big and certain games. You want expect them to take that risk? But you know, I still think that applies to everyday life. And and you know, there's certain things on your job that if someone told you to to make the ultimate sacrifice wasn't in your job is. I'm pretty sure this ain't people saying that stuff would their sim situations that are parallel to their own lives where they probably don't do that at all. Yeah. I don't know. I mean, I'm not sure I would I would, you know, jump off a cliff in Acapulco or something to get an interview with alive manning or something like that. Exactly. Exactly. I'm not standing in front of a bus and waiting for it to hit me. I'm sorry. No. But yeah. But I'm glad that to hear you you say that that I was right to be concerned about because that was one of the things that that jumped off, you know, as I was watching some drew lock is boy his wide receivers are taking a lot of hits. Yeah. Get your brackets ready..

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