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Hickson with any health centers out there talking and discussing just about how to bring this new year. Good start in really bring the year into fruition. So coach we talked about last segment again, just how powerful, you know, the scale is in another powerful think we're gonna cover this. This segment is just the power that food has over people's lies. The purpose of food is basically for energy. I mean, that's foods purpose, and yet it has this kind of I don't know dichotomies right were. But makes me think of of how much pleasure can be gained from food because it speaks to all of our senses. I mean, when you think about going through life, and we're trying to basically in a sense, feel pleasure. Void pain and yet. And so we have this. If I if I think of with the pressure on my five cents, still I got my my seeing. My hearing feeling tasting touching. What got my smelling food can speak to all them. And that not everything that we find pleasure. Life speaks to all five. Senses. It can have enough. Like, if you maybe if you appreciate art, and you can see the beauty of that. Art. I mean that could be strong enough by itself to make you really kind of pursue that and find ways to bring that pleasure into your life of just knowing art or God's nature or whatever. But food speaks to all five of our senses. We can see food and it can speak to us. We can here in a sense, the bacon sizzling or the hot fajita plate coming on out when from the restaurant, and it just stimulates just just the sense of just wanting desiring, of course, the taste texture. All those kind of things the smell of food. All that stuff can really be a powerful thing. And almost lead us in a way that we're using it in a sense getting in. There's nothing wrong with having some pleasure from food or join food. But when it gets to that. Point worry, it goes way beyond that and some people. That's when you have yourself trouble and problems. Well, I think you make a great point. Let's let's go back to the biblical days. Because again, I think without that you're gonna be it's gonna be hard pressed to figure out where we've gotten to the psychology of food and the psychology of nutrition think Dr Jay's way on that a little bit. But if you think about it food was meant to like, you said for energy and really survival. So there's two things that would would allow you to stay alive as a as a thriving community as a people group as a civilization, and that is your food. God gave us which was obviously if you go back to the book Genesis can look Genesis one twenty nine die for all you out there that are plant based diet eaters, which is a phenomenal. But you also know that God provided animals force for me and for clothing and for for protection. So the one of the things that. You look at is that when you got hungry there were two things that you had to have to survive. You had have food obviously, water food and water, but you had to have fire so fire food and water or the things that you know, earth wind and fire. I guess that's how they came up with their idea when and fire so you had two things at the earth provided. You had have things that, you know, obviously, you know, we're talking about earth wind and fire. You talking about the protection against the elements, and then you had to have fire to keep your body's warm and keep you hate it and cook your food. Right. So when you think about that, you think about that was the basic survival needs most people have now, let's fast forward and get into the twenty first century here. Now now, we don't you don't have to have any of those things because it's all provided for us. So you don't have to go out and kill and drag home something to eat. You don't have to build fires every day. You don't have to go build a structure. So that you can you know, you can be protected from the. Elements, and what happens is with the food manufacturing. And Dr J you're very familiar with this is that there's a dirty little secret in the food manufacturer. When you go to the grocery store, you don't see how the meats process, you don't see how the things are are are cooked out of our and boiled out of our our fruits and vegetables, you'll see the pesticides. And you don't see the things that your top your food with hormones and antibiotics and all the things that injected into your food supply. But one little dirty secret that you don't see in that most people don't know is that all food major food companies have people on their Pero called food, scientist and food. Scientists are designed to create foods that keep you coming back for more and more and more and the intensity and the things that are put in your food supply, and some ways is criminal because it's really really killing our society, the food scientists know that. People human beings coach like you said on planet earth. They love salty fatty and sweet things. And so when you can inject food, and you can manufacture and create food that have those in a real intense way. Guess what's going to happen to your desires, and you're out of control food cravings now become something, you don't think you can live without so, but it, but it's interesting that if you put things in the right order it will start to balance himself out naturally. And that's what we provided. Lt three sixty s we provide that process that allows you to do that based on what your needs are. And Dr you've come up with and you've seen some research lately on something called nutritional psychology. Let's talk a little bit about that for a second. Because I think that has a that's really talked about food science and brain chemistry. How food can hijack your brain. It is so interesting that how we've come full circle where for so long. We eat too. This nation has been zeroing in on all of these various pharmaceuticals, and and even in the role of psychiatry they've been focusing in on these anti psychotics and our societies overwhelmed, by these mind altering drugs that might goodness we're putting our children on now. And now we've gone full circle back to what even Hippocrates said let food be medicine. Now. So we're going back to some ancient wisdom, and what is what is happening right now as there's a new field coming up called nutritional psychiatry or they're actually treating various ITO clinical disorders with only food. And we've found is that the different elements within the certain foods have their ability to heal. And it's it is absolutely fascinating. And I again, we could have a whole show just on all these various micronutrients and all of that. But here's here's really where it comes down to physiologically physiologically back to primal days. We are our by our program to respond to sweetness, and that's because back in those days. It was rare to come across something sweet in. Here's the thing is what are some of the naturally sweet foods, and it was seasonal to. Absolutely. So that you could because for instance, fruits have some of the most antioxidant. Anticarcinogenic properties in them. So you whenever you you fit into a piece of fruit, which again was only going to be a seasonally event you would consume those in your your body's program to respond to that. But now now we have all of the the refined sugars, and we have access to all of these things year round all the time and in in abundance, and that's creating some of some of this dysfunction. Here's here's one of the interesting things. And here's what I love about the LT three sixty program as we're coming into the new year. It is also not only what you eat. But also exercise exercise is is proven to producer Tonen and dopamine to of feel-good neuro transmitters in fact exercising for one hour will produce the same amount of dopamine as taking a Prozac. Folks. I mean, we know this and anybody who has ever exercise you feel better afterwards. And you know, one of the things we teach is always say, we'll coach mean, how do you like let me just take. For instance, me when I was almost three hundred pounds on five medication. The thought of me exercising in a consistent way into exercise for an hour would have been just debilitating for me physically. And and would have been it would wreck me emotionally and psychologically. So the great thing about what we teach them about what Dr J sane is that it's not it's never about. What you can't do. It's always about what you can do you have to start somewhere. If that means you take one step and you just walk for five minutes around your neighborhood, fine. You got to start somewhere, but the long term benefits of body movement and exercise at the right rate in the right range. I should say again, Dr J is fit now she's a marathon runner. So she's she's at a different level. Then a lot of a lot of our clients come to us with but we do have professional athletes on our. Program. So again, it doesn't matter. What you can't do. It matters what you can do. But in coach you even waiting on this last time when you're talking about basic body movement and exercise throughout the week. The study has shown that you decrease decrease your risk of cancer up to fifty percent with basic body movement. I think it was two hundred and forty minutes something like that. Well, it's at least one hundred fifty they want at least two and half hours minimum of basic cardio per week per week per week. And then yeah. And then you can go six days of activity tomato level is very healthy for you. And put a challenge to our listeners coach that, hey, how do you know, if you need to get hard healthy? I was listening to this came from Dr today show is take the the stair test that seeing get four flights of stairs, which is about fifty to fifty five steps without stopping and within fifty seconds or less, and if you can't do that, then I it's time to get healthy. And and and get that activities part of it. So, you know, I it's I it's just one of those things that again, there's some simple test measures that if you're not quite sure then do these kind of things and get yourself, some motivation that will say that understand that you will understand the great need that you have if you're not at your optimal health and really. One of the things I always look at is that, you know, when you're talking about basic body movement, and you're talking about getting some basic movement and exercise any stay, and I think the NFL actually interestingly enough we're coming up on Super Bowl Sunday. But with the NFL interesting enough has come up with the play sixty in that they're they're their initiative to get kids healthy place sixty you know, we almost thirty because we probably don't need as much as kids dude borough of that energy. You know, you were talking about some of the the clinical diagnosis of, you know, attention deficit disorder and kids not being healthy and his being able to stay focused, and my, you know, when you say ADD, my grandmother used to say, yeah, you got ADD. I right is called adult disciplined deficiency as she used to put that would on his coach. In fact, we had we had instant instant judgment. You know nowadays. Parents you don't wait till you get home, wait till your father of evolve when you get home from the store store. Nah. That didn't happen back in my..

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