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With pressure coming to ways there anthony hitchens coming in along with bully collins mcgann only a twoman route met looks like the are garzon is gingerly walking off the field here hope that he's ok physically for forty metres out kendrick corn and trent taylor is the wide receivers to the left good went to the right second down a tenth bettered under center that there not rising up taps the size of the hell but just as warrior did changing the play it's got a toss it to hide going outside of the left i would cut back to the forty to the fifty that haider's greg abbott behind and he might have had a real long gainer there were upper by were jolts tackle but hide redzic in dallas territory we talked earlier on the breeder ron mit vote the stretch play on that sweep is up inside because their linebacker their overplaying at getting to the edge can't outrace them to the edge clearly the adjustment at halftime that look trying to press at add keep your eyes vivian side cut back up against the grain exactly what carlos ty did so you it's third at one from the dallas forty seven better understood or try to sneak it and that there should have enough why we haven't seen the ford hinders utilize a whole wide and we just look at how many times brady does the guy's a hundred years old egg that big body across the line of scrimmage of tempo here at that there does get the first out yup he does get it not temple back at the line of scrimmage trying to again make he's cowboys transparent and what they wanna do defensively to shy the dallas 45 at the back the other comes along blitz it by leadbetter dump stood celic near sideline abetted by anthony brown but not until he is to the dallas thirty four and a first down and just to say fiat let out there for cj bathour looking down the field deeply fiala nobody open just fired out to sell again took the tight ends gotta figure out a straight on i mean on the forty nine er tied end to.

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