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So he said talked to Nancy my friend Nance, you're talking to Nancy language, but Nancy is a good person to talk to Nancy parent who was his Assistant is really his friend She's from New York originally New Jersey and she she met Howard I think in Indiana University when they were doing graduate school their theater and so he brought her out to become his personal assistant and So Howard said, she'll give you the detail sort of so we. Had Lunch with Nancy and she tells about our Steig noses novelist. And an even when I went Howard told me that originally I said, well, there's they're working on journalists right and he was very jaded sanguine about it and just sort of over the phone kind of nodded his head like that. Well, we'll see all. That can't wasn't. He was just very sober stoic straight ahead. You know let's do the job and. Over the best and I think he did we. So we did visit him a few times after that in New York. We flew back to work on Aladdin with he was starting to really feel the effects of it and all that and it was A. Shocker for us because we. Drove up to his place. The House. Was Living there in upstate New York and you know we saw him. I through the window and looked like a bit of a ghost of himself already lost a lot of weight and it was just sort of and we knew that we might see something that we and I think it originally, he didn't want us to talk producer donahue his traveling with us as Ron, Ryan donors and But it was obvious maybe who knew him? Down never met him before that he you know he's very skinny and but hollow by that point. So this was trying to think before it relative to when he died in March ninety one and this was sort of in the fall of nineteen ninety. So this is like six months before that. And he was dependent debilitated but still it was still writing for us then and we met with them. is a very crazy meaning that type too because we walked in I believe it was that ten to tackling I'm account which the tax was. He walked up to seems bleeding he would his balance had gotten a little bad. You know and so it drifting fallen in his own living room gashed his arm unlike a glass of coffee table. I did this thing on and he was trying to mop up the blood and everything but. But it was just because his you know his legs were skinnier and he just his balanced starting to go a little bit gradually. He now we as we went on with the land, we spoke to him on the phone. We didn't really go back and see him. In this period of his big decline which still you know the these folks were doing You are already working on the little. Mermaid. Before Howard came on board by right. That's right. He A- He. They showed him a list of properties and development when.

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