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Blondel won the deep multiple women i want to focus on you remember that the guy there's gonna be a very with his girl plans i i i am not really surprise above this will news i don't want to date your girlfriend i said we get this all out in the over euro one fema added girlfriend hacking even say that i don't know at this woman point i saw you spoke to me were swimming in his awami all believers i i'm not sure there he is who he says he says here's what go to w whl diet tv now and tell us do you think will as an opportunist or as well said tonight an opportunitist or no okay that will deal land well as well when i need pop culture music all news a goal or spiritual guide inside crack open the book of revelations so here's what it's time for that kabas classic beverley should nation bevy i'm going to throw out some current events i want your seat india following her steve in the white house we found out tonight that amahoro morose is she's joining the upcoming season of celebrity big brother what do you think well she's gonna roofs messy reality tv nzl yeah they were shut along is where she them and why i morose up brandy glanville is going to eat you for don't try julie chen qassam men owns the network yes octavia spencer recently share that when jessica chastain learned of their pay inequity on an upcoming project she banded together with octovio octavia as a result they earn five times what they are asked for yeah so sued should celebrities be negotiating as a team now definitely but more importantly women should be staying together and the united front women of color and white women half the band together as you know black women have been leading the charge on all kinds of societal issues and we need our white sister's march with plus the rally boys on things that don't disconcerting them the debt do concerning how community as well absolutely.

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