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Emojis thinking nina nana and anyone else who shouts out of five star view on her iteens page mike at a shot on the show the guest i have coming up is a friend of mine his aims jackson davis he's an actor and a photographer talented and both john ras and we talk about rejection falling into depression and also jackson get some amazing book recommendations for books to can get you out of a hole or get you living the way you should be and we also talk about meditation and then we don't get into crystals even ice even i say i wanna get into pretzels we don't ever get into them unfortunately we get into girls name crystal but just kidding so anyway keep listening and enjoyed the show all right so i'm hanging with jackson davis who is an actor and photographer and a very smiley dude he up i am i'm smiley you are smiley so i'm having yuan today for a few reasons one i'm hitting on you two i'm hitting on you this getting and three i'm hitting on yet now so you're here because i was taping my last episode with uh the comic jerry rocha and right before we are starting his tv was on and you're audie commercial came on our outi audi i say it like wait trash addi oddy gyulai atta he when i was young my mom had an audi and i'm from a really small town and you can't do anything out of the ordinary or that sounds fancy nor yet it from us that yes yes i was gonna say yes and i know you would now because you're from the town i remember my it had an alley and adding an great growing up and we also.

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