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She. She's one of those a goal. Still right she wasn't very late but she's got the right man on to try and equity those tactics. Well it's you know it's been a favorite Undoubtedly for a certain certain. American players. As steve anderson and Is going to be particularly again disappointed not to be able to attend. I mean there's certain people sean clancy That go over every year so This is one of the top stands of of of any kind of of equine sport in the world. What's the coverage nick. Are you going to be able to bang out Podcasts the during the week. Yeah i mean. I arrived here at cheltenham. So things voting on it you know feels like tell them exactly the same kind of buffalo and you know tv crews and contracted and last minute. Preparations few jokes walking in the course you are show is out but unfortunately tomorrow's is gonna feel like the day before of feeling different. I i think this is gonna be the weirdest behind closed doors with at night You know i was a cop and you know. We know that. There were smattering people at that. I was aussie when they was actually nobody there and that with all this is gonna be stranger. I think one of the reasons it's going to be stranger because obviously when buying doors racing. I.

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