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This is the worst fields fill hundred show, which right, Margaret, Thank thank you. you. Listening up a little bit. Gav loosen it up. Talking about my own. The fuck. Did you senior source? Hey, what are you clowns doing? You're referring to me as a clown. Wait, a minute loosen it up, and I can't look weird. What is it with you? You're talking about my anus. What is he doing? Giving me the weird. I. Kind of go about the defense. Now, I'm not going off the deep end. What was the problem? I said I was used said I sat a good, I'm loosening any goes, loosen. All I was trying to say. Okay. Uh-huh. You're gonna meet for what were you trying to say I was should differentiate between the vocal cord. That's right. Go ahead. Well, she's going to beat me up. So what are you? What are you saying I demand that you say it she's going to beat me up bell? Make sure she doesn't listen homeboy at Margaret just what e- tween vocal court. Yes. And the butthole well, you a hold on hold on his ass. But you know, what you and I need to have a talk after the show got fire me. No, I'm not gonna I'm not gonna fire you, but you know, we really have to give you gotta have a conversation with you after the show because you're just you're weird man, you're taking all kinds of stuff. He's more than weird. This kid is he's gone. We'll put up with something like that. I was trying to differentiate between the vocal cord and the butthole fills laughing. Let has got a funny. Oh, it's funny. You know what Phil as well? Get up and throw myself in front of a truck out of the highway out here. Everybody sit down and put banking garbage the copy. Hey, but I'm serious coulda. Tell me your bowl way of thinking man is Wade jacked up. Okay. Well, you know, you better differentiate between the vocal cords and the butthole. What do you think they were talking about? I don't ever talking about the voice. All right. Then what did you have to say? Well, you got to differentiate because somebody may be tuning in. And all they heard was MS grey saying I need to loosen it up. And so naturally that. Oh, man weekly. Wait, wait a minute. I wanna talk to my husband on the air. Come on. I demand to have my husband out. Ahead. Look at Phil. Go ahead. If you gotta make Frank I need some legal advice right Duffield because this is getting very this is getting to the edge. Nobody sue Phil. I'm not suing Phil. But I think I need to do my rights my workplace rights as they pertain to don't say it, bud. As they pertain to what as they pertain to whether when I say loose. Yeah. See you're going to get mad at the kid for saying that by husband Dr. Frank Robert Lennon until hundred so it's Leonard at the Phil Hendrie show, Robert Leonard what you come on tell his he home home. Bart wasn't. Oh, okay. Yeah. He is put it on the air. If you don't wanna put you on because we need to ask you a question. I mean. A franken. Phil hendrie. Can you hear me? Rice has going where Margaret I love your friend. They said that you need to talk with me about some Frank. I wanna know my legal rights in a situation here on the film reprogram now. But Dickman that you need to know your legal rights, but I by on the Phil Hendrie show. What the Christ thing? What do you mean, it what what do you think? Frank Margaret got into a dispute with. But I'll do it. I got into a dispute with bud. But I said I was loosening up my throat, and he claimed that I needed to to to specify I'm burning daylight bargain for Christ's sake. All right. All right. He's he claims I needed to specify that. It was my vocal chords. Not my anus. All right..

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