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The stylish show. Their Chris Norton school board updates where roll it on here on the Saturday night edition of Indiana sports talk. I'm walled Ferber and on the same ventured sports performance hotline by the magic of Mr. Norton across the way. I've got Bob with you. And Bob, I'm going to ask you to just turn your radio down just a little bit there. Own won't don't. Is coming from. But I don't ever radio on village. Never. It's never interference when I'm talking to you, my friend. Jasper reds did for the people that don't know a crash the state of Indiana. What year was the what year is it team was Jasper ridge formed? Okay, 1893 was the first team while pleaded or not? So we've been around with a few ships and servers that few years during the war, and a few other times, actually didn't feel the team, but first team in eighteen ninety three so we're hundred twenty sixth anniversary season. We all. That is something. And it's not just that you've been around a long time. You guys you're pretty good. But you, you played the toughest semi pro schedule that I could possibly imagine. And what was your regular season record last year? For the first time ever, we had an undefeated regular season that never happened in the history of the team, we were eighteen to know. And then we actually finished the year at nineteen and two. So we had an excellent year, and I did a little computing. And since two thousand eight were hundred seventy three and thirty seven in that while eighty two percent. And the thing is we play mostly doubleheaders. Yes. And doubleheaders are hard to sweep. And it also means you're not run your best pitcher out there, every time when I first started playing you have what we call it your Sunday pitcher. You ready out there, every Sunday? And if he was pretty good, you will going to do. All right. You know, so anyway, not to break, but we've we've had a pretty good run. Certainly I was going to say that in your family. Baseball's kind of your your family business. Love your entire family. Your father was longtime mayor of Jasper. And I think it's kind of you, if you're, if you're in the Alice family, you have to love baseball oil goes way back. And when we were kids, dad played in the fifties, and early sixties, and we would go to the games, and it will get a run the bases after the games before they shut the lights down and that kind of stuff. But yeah, our families. That's our thing is baseball. And we really really enjoy it. Now, before we get Addy. I wanna do push this. I you guys you've been invited to, to Wichita and the NBC World Series. And there's only three of large it bursts in the entire country. That's. We're pretty proud of that. I think probably part of that is we think we're the oldest team in the country we had an undefeated season for the first time ever last year. And we've been out there seven seven times and, you know, you know, we're going to show up. We're gonna play hard and when the game's over, we're going to say cayennes, and we do we do it. Right. And so, I think I think you talk to Kevin, I believe you're going to have him on later this evening. Anyway, I suspect that that's why we got because he literally has thousands of teams that he can select for not large bid and for us to be one of the three makes us feel very good. And we're really excited about how many years for you. Now bob's. Oh, gosh, well, this is forty seven. Hard to believe. But you send me back. I'm only going doing on forty at WBZ so that your, you're you. Stand me off, Bob. It is always a pleasure. You know, the respect to have for you, and your family and the love, I have for the, the Jaffa reg the oldest semi pro team in the country. Certainly, thanks for joining us tonight. We'll, we'll be hearing from from your buddy, a little bit later on Mr. jank's later on in the broadcast, and we'll talk to you soon. Okay. Certainly, thank you very much. Well always enjoyed talking baseball and in particular with us. So having anything thing, okay, that is Bob Alice. And we we're chocked full a guest tonight. I've had a lot of people that are certainly looking to, to help out. You heard part number one of Indiana state university head football coach curt Mallory. And we're going to hear the second part of I talk with coach Mallory coming up right now, I would say the best FCS Catholics in the country, is the Missouri valley Catholic. They're good year after year after. A year and even with the sycamore rankings, it's going to be tough outside of yourself taking the sycamore out of the equation. Who do you see as being the towers and the Missouri valley this year? Well, you know that's a good question. I think the obvious is the North Dakota state and, you know, they've, they've done a tremendous job, but, you know every week.

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