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Around the world Here's Dan Schwartzman Thanks dag Topsy Novak Djokovic rolls into the quarterfinals of the French Open in straight sets over 15 San Diego Schwartzman to set up a matchup against 13 time open winner 5th seed Rafa Nadal in the quarters after the Spaniard outlasted 19 Felix aux alias ema in 5 sets Also advancing our third seat Alexander zverev in 6 C Carlos alcaraz both intrigued sets Meanwhile the women's rock two Americans advanced the quarterfinals as 18 sea coco Goff and unseated Sloane Stephens both move on and straight sets as is Martina trevisan while 27 seated American Amanda sumo is beaten in three sets by 17 seed Layla Fernández Sweden's Marcus Ericsson wins the Indy 500 over Mexico's Pato award to take home his third career IndyCar victory in 52 races More than 300,000 spectators were in attendance making the race the biggest sporting event since the start of the pandemic The NBA Eastern Conference Finals coming to an end tonight as a Miami heater hosting the Boston Celtics in game 7 but the series tied at three games each Miami is coming off a game 6 one 11 to one O three win in Boston with Jimmy Butler's scoring 47 points Veteran center Jason spezza at the Toronto Maple Leafs has announced his retirement from the NHL after 19 seasons and will join the team's front offices a special assistant to the general manager The 38 year old leaves a 363 career goals and 995 points while playing for Ottawa Dallas in Toronto I'm Dan swordsman that your Bloomberg world sports op aid Markets headlines and breaking news 24 hours a day At Bloomberg dot com the Bloomberg business app And at Bloomberg quick take This is a Bloomberg business lash It wasn't a lot of movement in the Japanese yen where the dollar was concerned in the Friday session and we are a little changed right now at one 27 15.

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