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And this is KCRW news on a Tuesday, June fourth good afternoon. I'm very Parrella. Here's what's happening at three thirty two. A heads up if you are a Kaiser permanent patient and open ended strike by roughly four thousand mental health workers up and down the state will begin next Tuesday. That's a week from today. The national union of healthcare workers says the impending strike is a response to what it calls a full blown crisis involving patient, wait times to receive therapy. The union says, in some cases patients are being forced to wait three months before they can get help. Kaiser is condemning the planned strike, and accusing the workers of quote walking away from their patients. The union says the strike will last until Kaiser addresses staffing, shortfalls. Well, maybe hard to believe with all the rain and gloomy weather. We've had in southern California but fire season it's almost here in some file restrictions or even starting to go into. Effect as KCRW Sherry Glaser explains. The state's fire agency Cal fire has suspended outdoor residential burning in parts of San Bernardino riverside, San Diego and imperial counties, that means people living, there aren't allowed to burn dead, brush, or start open blazes in areas, where the state provides fire services campfires are limited to fire pits and other facilities in public campgrounds. And the only times reports cooking fires are only allowed. If you have a valid permit and no other way to cook your food the wildfire season has gotten off to a slow start. Thanks to the wet winter, but Cal fire has already responded to more than eight hundred wildfires so far this year, and there could be more to come as all the brush, and wildflowers begin to dry out. And that's KCRW cherry, Glazer reporting, and San Francisco supervisors are considering a proposal to force drug addicts with serious mental illnesses into treatment. Maryland and breed and other supporters say the move is necessary to help addicts, who are often homeless and suffering from a mental illness among. Other things they say it makes them a danger to themselves. Supervisors are expected to consider the idea sometime later today. Critics call the measure a violation of civil rights..

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