Pauline Hanson, EU, State Representative discussed on The Jim Jefferies Show Podcast - 4. Oscar Wilde, Manginas & The Triple-Double Standard (with Bryan Olsen & Curtis Cook)


I actually i always funny these we'd with people who i i i polar opposite views on his stuff went down this like pauline hanson we talked to people for him like religious people in preseason stuff like that it's like in the end if he can actually so to get along with these people like fights defy sees the topic guy can have a be with the eu's nice enough failure it my views are completely different from his views um but he there was another senator incentives that the right would i'm saying forget it yeah they're states is representative state representative could bear fruit komodo and band was early thirties you bury like so young for politics um state senator and bob crossed bob cross the floor of the senate after she spoke out against trump employee of face and say act like a fucking republican now that's a it's a high sentenced to say on tv yes yet she had spoken out about trump that was spike and against trump she believe dr went like i think she would have she she was a republican she would've steiner republican if trump didn't get voted in she was all full the republicans but then as soon as trump greene she's like this isn't a leader that i wanted you know i think even if they had ted cruz led mocked r rubio or something like that she would have been fine but the problem is that trump she wasn't on board with trump but she wouldn't estate a republican and makes you might as their republican anyways just but i think they kind of forster out the right is that the hunan on and she she yeah will.

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