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Let's talk about our man of the match and we were getting pretty close to the time where we had to do this because otherwise, we would have sounded crazy here on Chelsea Mike saying this was coming, but you can see him hunting for it trying to be a little bit more aggressive in. Going for gold, we know in that boot, there is magic from Reese James. We saw a goal that you look you can't count on that goal all the time that is a special moment, and it's already a goal the year contender from reese. James and hopefully, there is stiff competition from his own teammates in that regard but this player in the attack is special special and there was Another special player at that same position, a former Chelsea player and Tariq Lamti who made it appearance in a memorable personal match from last year Lam ass for transfer. Why? Because of what you saw from Reese James he realized there wasn't a True Path to first team minutes as long as reese James lived and breathed and a special player. This is quite the weapon if he can improve. In, the offensive aspects of that came and maybe he doesn't if he can give you what he gives you in the attack with a little bit more consistency man do Chelsea had a very special weaponry shames and match experience is going to allow him to grow in that defensive area playing in a back line with Tiago Silva will help him grow and develop and if he can give. You goals on top of that maybe even he ends up in trial Arnold, territories taking free kicks from that kind of range because he's such a good striker of a ball, he's always going to get you good crosses down that right hand side and good service. But I think one of the things that we look towards last season is those individual moments of quality that got victories it. Just didn't seem like Chelsea had those in them and I think in this game getting one from Reese James is a sign that maybe you will see more of those and weeks to come and say, all right. This doesn't look Great Brighton of equalize. We need a moment and reach James gave you a moment and already has given you a goal this season candidate and Chris more excited. About what I didn't see in that match. Then when I saw this is why the whole three one victory at Brighton has me so happy because I know in my mind what Chelsea's first team should look like at least what the experts think you mean it tell me Chelsea you're going to be going up matches where it's re shames lining up on the same side as a team. And then the pace and skill on the.

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