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This podcast and make it to my next. It's just not feasible to drive the way my kind of two routing ghosts. Or what if we took out to get him further? What if a fight breaks out what if I intentionally actually? Unintentionally intensity end up hurting somebody on a flight becomes it's federal thing. What if I go to fuck prison, you know, lose my career lose a lot of money all because I just couldn't let shit slide. How stupid, you know? It's tough, man. The one hand you don't want to let the world walk all over you. You know, just be a doormat for everybody. But on the other, you know, you gotta think of joy you want to overreact and throw your life away needlessly to escalate a situation, very scary place. A lot of lessons to be learned from this Bill McCoy feud. You know, when did you just cut your losses? Windy, you just walk away. What Fran McCoy had went to the authorities after three sons kill with hatfill posse. I mean, the only reason that posse went after them is because you know, during some stupid fight at an election. His sons had stabbed the shit, and then shot Devlin's brother in cold blood. They weren't innocent. But Randall couldn't let it go. He wanted what he thought was Justice. And it just kept escalating you'll end up getting fucking house burn. Down ended up getting his wife pistol whipped into a mental institution. What's that saying cooler heads, prevail? I think there is some truth to that. It's a lesson. I need to remind myself often or is a lesson that when you're facing a ruthless appoint opponent like Deva lands. Do you need to be more ruthless and things like what if rather than go into your thirties? What a friend of a storm devil devil ends house with his own posse and burn that to the ground. Or would that have just escalated the same way probably is less than to know your limits, you know, should should random choice. Should he have learned that devil Anse was just a superior opponent? That's what it seems like to me dig into the story trying to piss off the many McCoy some who I'm sure looseness podcast, but you know, maybe devil out of rannells league. He had more men more guns more ruthless. Maybe should recognize. He was outmanned. He was out mean, I don't know. I think the lesson you can take away the very least to think about your actions thinking about the consequences of your actions. What reactions could they cause what chain of events? Could. They kick off are the consequences of those. Potential reactions worth the actions, you're choosing to take think before you act. Always a always probably good thing to do. Yeah. Maybe maybe there's some important lesson. Just missing let's find out by checking in with today's idiots of the internet..

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