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Entrees hail it is nice to be back and we're talking. Mma it feels like forever since we sat down and talked to here on the show. So it's great to get back into swing. Things are three shows a week. Shout out to blue wire the network for a hosting the PODCAST and make sure you guys check out bet. Online march madness is coming up taking your beds. You can place multiple brackets on their. Try to win some dough. You know. It's not not a bad bad way to spend your Your March here trying to win some money on some sports so make sure you guys check them out and use the Promo Code Blue Wire all one word when you do it for fifty percents sign on Bonus. We are back here. Trade is Nice. It is nice. It's been a long time since we talked in. May I got a crack open? The smear off spiked Seltzer. I am like you now. I'm trying every brand and every which flavor this is a crazy or cranberry live. Sooner or later he's people shall sponsor wrestling stereotypes. I've reached out so I will try every brand on this I'm not partial to one whoever's paying the money come sponsor the show. I would like these for free every week so I am sitting down here. We're getting some energy going a lot. Having made we have to recap but I I see congrats you touch on the Monday. Show just low bit. I wanted to tell the people more about it. You have a south by southwest panel coming up. Melanie faces and non melania places s catch. Yeah yeah and I kind of came up on the fly. So yeah actually. It was a supporter of wrestling with stereotypes. Gregory Gibson who works with the HP battle the brains which is a big thing have south by Reached out to me and asked me about my career and everything I've done. He asked me if I'd be interested in. You know speaking at this. That's buy. Yes I mean sure Eight because as much as I talked about diversity us would you wanNA do some on diversity in us a short. And he's like what do you want to call it and I was like million faces vices. And he's like I like it just came up with Shit but the base is is exactly what it sounds like you know started my career covering hip hop. We're GONNA hit up the eggs and hit upside bt. And then. I started to make the transition. The boxing film going to comic con going to Sundance E. Three covered all these things. See Yes obviously and I started to realize like now especially me being a zone like I am. I not on the only black like at like in this in this particular position One of our producers Shonda. She's black but for the most part are them any black folks. Sergio Mora does commentary and we like we joke about up songs and stuff like that and a lot of people. Just don't get the fuck we're talking about and I started to realize that you know a lot of us get into these positions and we have to open the door for everybody else. Come through them and I think we talked about a little bit last week. So this panel is with myself cast friend. The so Wally Mania Rasa were out. He's done all his W. O. Demisch Your Lor. I probably should just say her name. You guys should know who she is. And if you don't I guess you don't check instagram. Or whatever and Lauren Brown who is a graphic designer? Ea Electronic Arts and yes. It's really talking about the work that we've had to do to get these positions in how we're looking to pay it forward for the future and I think at the end of the panel. I know what the other panel. I'm an offer internships because Hugh Program Battle of the brains and I need more. Black people at the zone is sports news By the time you guys hear this you will have found out that. The zone has gone global It's no longer just. Us We're branch off into a bunch of markets all across the globe. I'm GonNa need well not me personally. But they're gonNA be looking to bring more interiors and expand a lot. So you know I'm trying to provide opportunities and that's always been my thing and I don't know if anybody semi twitter feed the other day Angela. Nisa who works on Mixie's who's a good friend of mine. She's one of the producers writers from mixed this somebody was reached out to her about getting a job and she knows about panel and she was like. I'm not hiring Andrea says and we have this ongoing joke because when you don't when people reach out to you and you you don't really have anything for him because you're not the decision maker because like even at the zone. I'm not the decision maker Joe Markowski or any of those guys. They think you have a problem with them. They call you haters. Like put me on it right and it doesn't really work like that. Well my thing is whatever I can do to help you get into a position where you can succeed of mentor. Lot of people. You know whatever I can do to help I will. But that doesn't mean that I'm obligated to help you just because you say can right. You've got to have a little bit of talent as well. So this panel is going to be all about that. I can't wait to do it. Hasn't been the southbound while but this is completely different than me being stopped by like music shoot is really about putting minorities into different spots. So she'll be fine. If you're in Austin Texas March thirteenth. Two to four PM believes the time something like that where two thirty three thirty because we got wrestling serious those times. Everything's messed up but yeah check much facebook. Whatever and I'll see you there and I don't know if it's going to be streamed but it'll be a good time so that yeah man. I'm excited for you. I'm excited. It's really cool getting to talk to young professionals and letting them know like no. We need more people in be spaces showing them like no. We have people from gaming to television to journalism. All here and we worked a lot for it and we want you guys to work just as hard. 'cause we need more of us in these spaces so that's really know visually anytime you can get out there and speak and do everything there. You mentioned a mentoring programs which is really cool. I see you know I've not been to any BJ yet. But I see a lot of people who are in it and go to these things. Have Mentors I think Mark Vanderberg friend of bug US At Yahoo Sports Mentors People. He had mentors. You Mentor people. I never had a mentor. And as we because I know a lot of other journalists and stuff especially by journalists have always had mentors. I just didn't know where to get one like. How do you go about that? Like oh I like writing. Want to mentor me like. Aren't you a note with a stamp and so these things that people may not know how to do? My mentors was our group chat with me. Just firing off wild ASS. Hot takes that the world will never here because we spent days of you guys telling me. I'm calling in the group jet so they don't reach twitter. That's my mentor ship group. You can mentor chip group because the world would have got the most waigel of takes especially early on. I was on a roll. The humid hot take machine full effect five years ago. I've calmed in my old eight but I think you know you mentioned the groups have row. Nba So you can call them a mentor. You you've got to put you in these. These opportunities succeed. So it's like for me. You know mental has always been really weird word because it kind of it sounds weird for a lot of people and. I've never considered necessarily considering. Must've mentor like other. People have said that mention them and have really done is. I've taken the time out to talk to him in for some people. It's really that simple man like to give somebody a vote of confidence or to listen to ideas or to be able to point them in the right direction. I've been fortunate enough to work in so many different spaces In media that it may not be with me over at zone. I may know somebody like I've had right after I left. I've had writers add very recommended people for a lot of different jobs. And it's great to see a lot of the people that used to work under me hip hop DX. While was chief and now they're doing amazing things in different places and that's kind of what mentoring is and it's like it doesn't always have to be like this wide age. Gap is a lot of people. Say Oh you've been to high school. Kids know everybody needs some help in for me. I had a little bit of help and it wasn't necessarily a bunch of black. You got hip hop site. It was Piso. Who was white. Dude Matt Conway. Who's a publicist for guys like five nine and DJ premier used to be an editor there and they put me on what I did if it wasn't for them? I maybe wouldn't be where I'm at today because I asked a lot of dumb questions and it's kind of similar to wear a Michael Jordan talking about Kobe. Bryant in you know really moving speech at the graves of Michael's career we talked about. The little brother annoys. You asked all these questions and he just needs a sounding board and I think that's what's key here and sometimes you just need a sounding board. Who in the group chat? That's your sounding board. Will you fire these holidays that we hold on? Don't you say this is why we really back in your? Everybody NEEDS SOMEBODY TO HELP. Filter them and the point in the right direction. Because it's hard man. It's hard being minority working in these industry. They're not allowed to people who look like you. Who Don't befriend. Who like to have things in common with man? I mean even me just being in Texas. We had a bunch of conversations with people and about how certain people are just really positions. Not because they were like great writers or great. Anything just know the right people so I want to be one of those people that you know me and you can get in. You don't have to be as good as that guy. I want you to be better than him but I know a lot of mediocre people that are like very rich spots. That don't deserve to be there so I'd rather put my mediocre people and make them better than they're mediocre people and make people become great people that take those spots because I just no way too. Many people don't deserve the jobs and I know how they got to be fair. I say this I've gotten my jobs a lot of strength of knowing you and knowing people who know you or people you've introduced me to so thank you that worth already. I have just a tiny shred of humility not much but I know I naturally talented at things now. Am I the technician that you are or other writers are or you know of a Marcus Vanderberg as far as editing? Just can I do that as well as you guys do that? No I haven't put in the time to do that. And you guys are very good at that and there's writers who are very good at writing and producing clean copies and making your life as an editor very easy. No no more of an idea guy. So yeah if you had any good luck am I going to be the worst of them? But I'm not going to be the best of them but I will tell you this we're going to have something of an idea where no other platform is going to think this way. So you'll get very unique content year you're going to have to stop me from rambling year. You're going to have to clean it up a lot of your stuff..

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