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They didn't get Jeremy's cellphone records. The didn't isolate him and get pictures like they were supposed to, and they didn't take one of the shirts that he was wearing into evidence. According to Matt Dorans reporting the Huffington Post police photos from the scene even show a bloody shirt with what looks like a bullet hole near Michelle's body but even that wasn't taken into evidence I'm sorry what's yet and here's the thing in fact, nine of the forensic evidence that was collected from the scene life clothes and you know the gun that was used. None of that was turned over to the labs for testing until after the fdle came in and rusty started investigating. So basically, all this stuff is just been sitting there for four months without any DNA test. No checks for fingerprints nothing. An internal report from the Saint John. County Sheriff's Office actually confirms this, but it doesn't say what caused the holdup but now that the FDA elise involved all of the forensics that haven't been analyzed finally do go out for testing. Once the forensic test results start coming back. The raise even more questions. And it's not so much. What's there but really what's not there that raises the questions like for example, you would think that since this is Jeremy's service weapon that was used tests would show his fingerprints and his DNA on both the gun and his gun belt, right? Yeah. I mean at least on the Gun Belqas, you'd be putting out every day. There, isn't any what's Michele's DNA is on the gun but none of Jeremy's even though according to the Huffington Post piece I mentioned he wore the belt and the gun to work the same day Michelle died and Jeremy does deny cleaning his gun before any responders got to the scene. Now in the same vein of missing DNA where you'd expect to find some the tests don't find any of Michelle's fingerprints or DNA on Jeremy's pill bottles even know the bottles were open in her purse and the pills were in her pocket. Okay and along those same lines I read in the Saint John County. Sheriff's Office report that there were fifty and a half pills in Michele's pocket, and there's no DNA on the pills themselves. Now, the report doesn't clarify if that's none of Michelle's DNA none of Jeremy's DNA or both, but I have to maybe assume both since they say, no DNA on any of.

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