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This week is on vacation. With your go joked going into the break here ago about this is a segment that calf with love. He is also on vacation this week, But I don't know if anyone woke up wondering exactly why it was that you all think, left the Bulls back in 2014. We have unearth some sound. Lou all Dang just the other day explaining exactly what went down. When the Bulls traded him to the Cavaliers Yurko during that 2014 campaign the year before the contract, Me and Tibbs went in, and we talk Tio Gar Forman at the time was the G M. And we said, You know, I want to sign right now. Before the the agency comes up on other people for money. And you know a time he said. I was I was 27 28. He told me to take another team discount. Ah! And I remember saying, Why would I take another team discount like you know, why's there discount again? You know, because this is where I was all star. So he said, You know, we want you to take a team discounts. I was like, Okay. What's the team this gun? He didn't discuss anything on at the time. You know, it didn't make sense for my career and where I'm at the best of my career. So Tibbs was upset and tips kept telling them sign. Luke. I need you to sign new. So when the year's spotted I wasn't signed for the Bulls and tips decided that he's going to make them know how important I am for the team. And ran everything through me. And this is why I love Tim. Still today, you know, run everything through me and I was averaging 20 at the time when I got traded. When the when the front office saw that I was averaging 20 obviously. Now everyone wanted to pay me more money, eh? So they decided that it was better to trade me before. You know, I lose me for nothing. So I was called into the office and I was given two days to take 30 million for three years or you know, or else. I decided to go with or else Discussing your co another example of Performance. Wonderful negotiating ways. Yeah, well, he's gone now. But ordinarily, that was very common in that area in this in that same interview, JD. Hey, talks about The fact that it was Gar Forman. He didn't give evidence. I shouldn't say that. But he just said He mentioned that person. I assume it's got Foreman was the one who broke up the Bulls because they were, which is the funny thing is, he says We're waiting for Derek to get healthy. And we're gonna make one more run, which obviously wasn't gonna happen because Derek was never healthy, really. I still go back to that that team. And that run. I still think that if Derek was healthy, they I don't know if they would have made the finals. I don't know if they would have won, but they would have made the finals if Derek had stayed healthy. My pain. So I think that's fair. What did he end up signing for? It went from the Bulls, though they got trade to the calves.

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