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And as four schedule changes were several u dub teams including husky baseball moving it to a double header friday against east carolina pirates starting at four o'clock and husky ballpark with us they had man of the diamond dogs lindsey meg sounds like a smart move considering this weather forecast coach doesn't change a whole lot for us the pitching rotation stays the same it's lucas knowles showed amir's and jordan jones in the same order as last weekend so it's always a little more stressful and you're playing eighteen innings in a given day but we're trying to be proactive and beat the weather he's come along way and and they wanna play we wanna play so that's the best thing for both of us winning series in the pac twelve you sit at six and three now you get a little break but tell me about some of the youngsters have really been making a difference in your lineup mason cirillo kid from auburn mountainview yeah mason's been really consistent he's probably taken the best at bats across the board of anybody in our lineup and we've used them anywhere from one two and three in the batting order he really is a good leadoff hitter and he's set the table nicely for the middle of our batting order and like i said he's he's just going to give you four consistent bats and what is the return of willie macgyver meant to your club so once he really gained some confidence in command of two plus pitches in this guy is going to be a beast before it's all over but right now he's competing with that fastball east carolina very formidable opponent they've been to the ncaa regional several times good head coach what do you see from the pirates come into town here other legit top twenty team and would be in the top third of any power five conference i think across the country they've put up some kind of godley numbers offensively and they have three quality starters on the mound or as well coached as anybody and.

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