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Pray the word with David Platt is a resource from radical .NET. Second king's chapter 21 versus two and three. And he did what was evil in the side of the lord. According to the despicable practices of the nations whom the lord drove out before the people of Israel. For he rebuilt the high places that hezekiah his father had destroyed. And he erected altars for bail, and made an Astra as ahab, king of Israel had done, and worshiped all the hosts of heaven and served them. This is such a sobering picture. Because in many ways, hezekiah, the king's father, had done many good things. Now we prayed based on second king's chapter 20 about a major failing and hezekiah's heart and life near the end of his life. But he did many good things to lead God's people to trust in God and to serve God into glorify God. But here we see his son, who is reversing some of the good things that his father had done. And not just his father hezekiah, but going all the way back to ahab, the king of Israel and reinstituting things that a have it done when it comes to the worship of bail and making ashras. And as I read this, I'll tell you where my mind is immediately goes. My mind immediately goes to the next generation and my life and my home to my sons and daughter to your sons and daughters if you have children for some of you who are children or students, teenagers listening to this, or even for single brothers and sisters who may not be married or have children, but just think the next generation to come, like I read this in second, king's 21 and I realize like the next generation will be tempted to turn toward all kinds of false gods and sinful patterns to second king's 21, just drives me and us to pray. God, please. Cause the next generation that comes after us to worship you alone. To love you to exalt you to live for your glory alone to experience your goodness to obey your word and your law. God we pray that our kids, grandkids, some of whom are listening to this right now. God we pray for the next generation whoever comes to our mind when we think about the next generation we pray, even specifically for those people they would know you they would love you. They would walk with you all the days of their life. They would not turn from you. They wouldn't turn aside to false gods in this world. And God we pray you would help us all to live toward that end. Help us to live to faithfully pass the gospel on to the next generation. Got to be pray the fruit of our lives would be generations worshiping you. Got it. I pray all the time for my children's children's children who I assume I probably won't have the opportunity to meet in this world. Should you Terry Jesus and generations from my family continue? I pray that they would know you love you. They would walk with you God please and pray to be so. We pray that together for those who will come after us and replay that you would help us to live faithfully toward that end, to model worship of you alone to show them your goodness and your grace in your glory in what they see in our lives. God please help us to faithfully pass the gospel on to the next generation. In a lot of second kings 21 in Jesus name we pray. Amen..

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