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I hope that this makes sense i hope they don't just hope that they they're just figure while we're just going to have a few legiter next because he'll win a of fatal four way that is thrown together at the last second on smack down and we're supposed to then cut a forget that aj lost two took two corbyn and because to me there's you know in a you don't lose in the nba playoffs on the go to the finals and so i'm a little of a little worried about that at this point and i think it even on a non stolen bases think it hurts aj when i think he should be the centerpiece of what i think is kind of a damaged struggling brand right now with smack down in terms of having that that lead baby face shane has gone sammy's amos turn there's not a lot of depth right now on on smack down yeah and it's really interesting to because i would say that probably 80 styles kevin owens in the eu's those are the three or four however you want to categorize it best people in wwe right now and just just wear everybody has placed you're right that it it does feel like there's a lack of depth overrun smack down i i think that the one the one saving grace for the whole thing is that of everybody on the roster age as the one that can afford to lose clean i kind of again going back to you know and i get we're only in october i kind of felt like if you're gonna if you're gonna have aj lose cleaned to somebody that should be a big moment for that person that should be like shinsegei beating john seen amac white that i will be going to fight should be somewhere around there and i in my head i go okay well you can give somebody a clean victory over aj styles pretty close to the royal rumble and then have aj win the royal rumble and all is forgiven blood.

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